Kakegurui Season 2 Episodes 1 & 2 Fixed (1080p) [Ypp]

2019-01-20 05:21 UTC
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Subs are the same ones that are already out there so if your looking for a new translation then GTFO This is file is an edit of Episodes 1 & 2 to make it more coherent and make more sense and flow how Season 1 did. Instead of how Episode 1 showed the 2nd half and the gamble and how Episode 2 showed the first and end of the story. Everything makes sense and flows a bit more like the manga. IMO they should have aired the first episode like this. I also fixed the OP where it is synced to the lyrics So enjoy!

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  • Kakegurui S02E01E02 (1080p).mp4 (1.0 GiB)
Just wait a few months for a decent release unless you can't wait for whatever reason.


why is this a thing

Ypp (uploader)

Because it is more coherent and makes more sense now and easier to follow for people who don't like flash backs and flash forwards. Feels more similar to Season 1 and the Manga as close as it can get. If you don't like it then ignore it and don't download it plain and simple.
it seems presumptuous to call this a "fixed" version... btw, did you use Lv1 + hibiki subs and added the corrections hibiki talked about?
Is there a lv1 sub it yet for 2 it am I blind?

Ypp (uploader)

@dangdroid yes I did
Waiting for level 4 subs.
@ChaoXide not happening in this game the max lv you can get is lv3.
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WTF!!! Two different fonts.


Tomorrow is my turn to upload this.
Thank you,fansubs are a real life savers keep up the good work (:
lol I guess you cannot handle non linear storytelling
so basically you are playing director
Better go and fix monogatari story line if u're that free. lmao. > Non linear story need to be fix. ultra kek.
"fixed" non-linear storytelling which is a fairly common thing. This isn't even a very hard to follow use of such. I understand that there are some examples of very hard to follow non-linear storytelling out there, but this isn't one. Might as well recut the whole thing and call it a "re-directed" version.
How do I downvote this nonsense?

Ypp (uploader)

@Sammitch Get your reddit ass out of here