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2019-01-19 16:30 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai - 02 [1080p].mkv (893.6 MiB)
i got tired of this show's premise within 5 minutes of the first episode and couldn't wait for the episode to be over but to anyone who can stand it and even find it funny more power to you
Thanks ≧▽≦y
Wow, Aniplex has actually fixed some errors this week. *President *How cute
I hope the feeling of "can't wait for the next episode" will continue until the end!
@Kamiyan93 Now if only they fixed the many other more significant TL errors in this and last episode's scripts. Fuck Aniplex.
Why even comment if you don't like the show. No one asked.
Edgy hate worshipping culture. They think they're "more objective" and have "better standards" if they bitch a lot and shit on shows. And thus they do, in an stupid effort to show their superirority. I'll just say I'm waiting for GJM because fuck Aniplex.
why are you offended by people who don't enjoy the same thing you do.
Maxine is known for this type of behavior so don't let him trigger you :)
It's not about not enjoying things. It's about how they act superior and in this case, feeling like his criticism was needed in comments for episode 2 when he doesn't even like the premise. Imagine if I went to all shows I don't like to drop negative comments. It's funny saying I'm triggered by people disliking what I like, when some dudes post like they're triggered by stuff they don't like existing.
I was hoping someone would reply explaining why they like the show and at least tell me what they see in it, that’s all. It’s not about me.
I find the premise great and well executed, it's funny and I already like the characters. It's not that deep. I dunno why you need anyone to tell you this.
Life pro tip: no one likes contrarians
People not taking about important thing. She said it was cold. At 16C It's fucking -32C here today. I don't feel my legs after coming back from works. That made me really mad.
Our average temp is around 22C so 16C is considered chilly but yeah, nothing like some country's temps.
I'm not saying anything about episode 2 itself, because I'm waiting for GJM. I'm not touching Aniplex's awful subs
bass just never comment again, your taste is pleb-tier anyway you normie
> Dialogue: 0,0:12:33.85 Weak sauce, President > Weak sauce, What...
It means *half ass* or something like that. Strange wording tho. Viz had: >Getting soft, are we, Shirogane?
Oh yes, because tastes are something that can be objectively and factualy rated. Hilarious. Also, I almost never leave my fucking house. I'm far from a "normie". Sorry for liking stuff you don't like
Lol ? embracing the hikkiomori lifestyle I respect that
tfw weebs are proud about the fact that they never leave their house
tfw anone2 is a weeb too. Fuck off cuck
@Maxine Depends, tastes may vary? c: You don't like the humor displayed in this show, I actually enjoy it quite a lot. ^^ Reading (and loving) the manga going into it makes it quite enjoyable too. If anything, I understand that the premise can sound boring - but if you stay in, you'll enjoy the ride (maybe, can't promise!).
>GJM bitches about shitty Aniplex translation >still doesn't have the episode released 4 days later Fucking really?
And even after that some anon has to unfuck their subs.
Laplace's demon vs Maxwell's demon