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2019-01-17 18:22 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Yakusoku no Neverland - 02 [1080p].mkv (436.6 MiB)


much appreciated
Amazing. Cant wait :) Pog
Could someone please upload the Viz Media volumes 68 and 69 of Detective Conan?
The chills man. Such a good show. Gotta read the manga after the anime is over... or should I start now... hmm.
@ Tehe if you haven't even started the manga yet ... wait until this anime is done ... the manga will fill in the gaps in the anime and give you more background information ... the manga really IS an incredible story, very dark and twisted, with some wonderful twists to the story I am wondering if the anime is only going to cover the first story arc ... or whether they are planning on going into the second story arc with a second and maybe third season I do hope they do not try to go into the second arc during the first season ... they would have to skip over WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much of the story to do that
^ when the anime is over
pog indeed, time to watch
Finally a documentary about what has really happened on Michael Jackson's Ranch!
@komugi The anime will cover the second arc too, till chapter 37, all in a 12 episode season. An average of ~3 chapters per episode which is slightly tighter paced than usual. They'll probably rush things a bit but Cloverworks has totally nailed it so far. Anyways, waiting for GJM's release.
most of good kids will die any way.......oofs.
@ Marz666 ROFLMAO :-D
@ not_dedsec I just did a quick re-read of ch 37 ... and that is a transition/filler ch ... it ties up some loose ends at the end of the first arc and sets the stage for the second arc ... if this season of the anime covers that much, yeah you are right they will have to skip over a lot of the story ... but so far I agree with you, they are doing a good job with the story
GJM is waaaaaaaay better