[Artsuki] Kemono Friends 2 - PV2v2 [1080p] [663EAC1D]

2019-01-14 02:49 UTC
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Kemono Friends 2 will be directed by Kimura Ryuichi, we see a lot more about how the show will proceed and see that it features a fairly different setting than the first season. It isn’t yet clear where the show fits on the timeline, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how it plays out. This one was done but waiting for jymmy to final QC check for about a month. For this short project we had Maxine join our team! This one had a lot more work for it, and Maxine went beyond what I was expecting on the lettering TS, so I really like how that ended up coming out. jymmy: TL, QC Maxine: Edit, TS, Timing Graze: TS, QC YouTube: Encode We aren’t planning on continuing with the actual Kemono Friends 2 series, but since we did the work already, I wanted to release it anyway. If it’s really good, I might work on it solo, but I’ll say we aren’t for now. Doing a v2 because I didn't include a font (and it's an important font), thanks to Maxine for the catch! It's like 11MB, but if you'd rather patch this should do the trick: https://mega.nz/#!t89Q2CYT!0Gq8OtUXeJGgXLaAIu8WroR0FOCpESjNOF8OVhdbtyk Hope you enjoy, feel free to leave any comments, thoughts, questions or concerns in the comments section below.

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that's a lot of staff for just a PV
>only 2 QC lmao what is this, 2006?
i left halfway through to work on other projects once I did my part, realising I wouldn’t have time for the TV show, so i’m not really sure what happened after that
Full damage control, even in the torrent descriptions. This won't go well.
if you managed to read the description, you'd understand: >We aren’t planning on continuing with the actual Kemono Friends 2 series I was going to help Artsuki with it, but realised in doing this PV that I likely won't have the time to sub it and should focus on my other shows.
Could somebody please translate the 0th episode with the seiyuu? It might be the only worthy episode anyway at this rate.