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2019-01-12 05:53 UTC
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Thank you to the corporations who failed to translate this already, allowing me to finally become a fansubber in this corporate age. If anyone has any suggestions for improvements, please leave them in the comments. Or complain on Anime & Manga; I'll see it eventually. I might translate the rest of the season if nobody better picks it up.

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  • [Lv1 Translations] Kakegurui 2nd Season - 01 [1080p].mkv (1.0 GiB)

Lv1_Translator (uploader)

Oops, forgot to mention that the raw is Erai-raws 1080p, and that if you have improvements to the translation please let me know for a v2.
thanks netflix
waiting for lvl 2
waiting for Hiryuu :^)
> Waiting for HyakuPercent to be resurrected.
You're not this same Lvl1 Translations are you? https://vndb.org/p4190
please tell me you translated from Japanese and you're fluent at it
If OP is this guy https://lv1translator.wordpress.com/ then we are all saved.
OP have your debts been paid yet?
@apks94 @BlackCoal Seems like he is.
Good subs only complaint i have is the names of the person speaking is subbed as well. Which is a bit annoying as i can see who is speaking i don't need to have that subbed.
Can't blame him. If he's the same guy who translates eroge then it's quite understandable since he's probably new to the scene.
It can always be corrected on a batch lol. Anyway good job Lv1 and hope you take the entire series :)

Lv1_Translator (uploader)

@apks94 Yes @Dizzee Translated from Japanese yes, but I don't consider myself fluent. I'm pretty rusty. @Jabo The money debt yes but I still owe several more years on my contract. Indentured servitude sucks I definitely don't recommend it. @Kirah I made a comment on /a/ but given that the Japanese subs were clearly intended for actual deaf people, I left the name of the speaker intact (it's only when the speaker is off-screen) out of respect for our deaf tomodachis. If it really bothers people on my next release I'll make a separate version for deaf and non-deaf, assuming erai-raws continues to release the Japanese subs. My hearing sucks so I wouldn't be able to translate it without those subs.
Thanks, hope u continue to translate rest of the season
A reputable group's finishing up s1 with hiryuu's tl then moving on to season 2 with the same tl from Hiryuu. Other than the TL, it's completely different staff though. EDIT: Also, for those who don't know, Hiryuu can't come back. The leader literally died. RIP HyakuPercent ;___;
@PA-Subs Any info regarding on the rest of Hiryuu's stalled projects if they'll ever be picked up? (I believe that some have been completely translated) Hope those will be picked up too. @Lv1_Translator Are you a one-man team? I think you need an editor. Not that I'm judging your translation here but there is this tic that's common with your previous work which I believe not suitable in anime: the use of too much "~", especially that sound is present. I understand that is included out of respect to our deaf community, and I believe you should keep doing it but put it on a separate track with a proper tag. (Hell, I am even surprised that somebody actually made a *kanji* subs in an English-translated anime! Eat that, purists!)
>waiting for lvl 2 that's how mafia works
@Abunja, I haven't heard anything. Taking on Hyaku's stalled projects sounds like a monstrous task.
Please... With your wisdom, could you just subtitle OP/END? のたうつ程に求めるのなら与えよう 与えよう 絶望さえ糧にしてしまう さあ・・・おいで 身も心までも差し出すなら応えよう 応えよう 悲劇も悦楽に呑まれる 余りにも赤裸々な劣情に浮かされながら (・・・溶けていくようさ) やがて痺れるような瞬間だけを願い 生きる 嗚呼・・・渇望する魂よ 杯を掲げ 壊れる程『歓喜の謌』を 歌おう 喝采では満ち足る筈もない 疼き 賭ケルホド狂オシイ ソース・Source: https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/d-selections/alegria/ 望み通りに賭けてあげる 手加減はしない スキ キライ スキ キライ 最初は誰? ほどほどじゃつまんない 全てか0か スキ キライ スキ キライ 楽しみましょう のめり込む方が 気持ちいい 素敵なスリルのストーリーを 生きる 生きる 生きる 生きる 失うものは たかが知れてる 明日をなくしても未来が なくなるって訳じゃない 夢を見るには 知りすぎた時代さ おいでよ コノユビトマレ 愛しきる それが私の嗜み ソース・Source: https://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/junna/kono-yubi-tomare/
Thank you for doing this :) Keep it up!!!
Can someone tell me if those subs are good or not ?!
Can anyone tell me what happened to Hiryuu?! Did he passed away? Where can we verify this? If so then RIP mate T_T
@SomaHeir check GJM's twitter account https://twitter.com/goodjobmedia
Awesome subs! Not a single grammatical error.
Not bad grammatically, but still a bunch of awkwardness in here. If you continue this, please: - get the names correct. It's Midari, not Mibari. Also Miraslava. - have the English sub selected as standard. - remove the speaker's name from the subtitle or style it differently. It's quite hard to follow like this. - don't use tildes, especially double, and especially mid-word. There are better ways to punctuate emphasis or drawn out words. - try not to use more than two lines. Blocky subs look bad, cover too much of the screen and are harder to read. Thanks for subbing this regardless. With a few touch-ups yours will be the best out there.
You're the only subber that isn't being yelled at in the torrent comments. I think that's qualifies as a ringing endorsement around here.
yeah, please keep up the good work. I don't wanna watch it with bad subs... Who offers a sub that has been translated from japanese to spanish to english? wtf
Will not you continue?


Subs are pretty flimsy. Some very weird, to put it mildly, translation here and there. I'm also not sure how you even managed to get character names wrong.
Will you do episode 2?