Gatchaman II BD Subs Fully

2019-01-12 03:25 UTC
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Gatchaman II BD Subs that have been completely retimed to the Blu-rays. In December 2018, the BD raws were put up by [Koten_Gars} on Nyaa before being taken down, so if someone who fully downloaded it could please reup the RAWs, that would be fabulous. If someone reuploads the RAWs I'll provide a link. MEGA link:!aGIQFAwT!aAA-H3NmW-ZUv-bhDrdPb-8iCvYtNJL9aTx4utr0WrE

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  • Gatchaman II BD Subs Fully (397.8 KiB)
Hey guy i dont know if have seeds (i dont have enough space to download a anime so big) but i found a torrent to that BD raws than you was talking about but if i copy paste the adress here maybe i be banned D:

H94 (uploader)

@ivoyko Is it the Koten_Gars encode or the files up on ADC? If you can upload it then that'd be great
Sadly the torrent its 79GB and my only one hard disc its 111GB but with luck Mr Kimiko can help us. (I would has to download one episode then upload it to cloud and delete it and do same with all episodes and then i probably wouldnt create a torrent and i would be useless :() I just saw (10 min later i wrotte the 2 first lines) than Mr Kimiko its Koten or at least have a blog with that name... then how he ''found them'' if was the original uploader and should have the stuff in his computer? lol
Wheres the torrent
Thanks for this, but where is the raw :\

H94 (uploader)

@SomaHeir Coming soon, as the video is 1080i, Mr_Kimiko is deinterlacing it so it can look better.