Kakegurui S2 E1 subs

2019-01-11 00:11 UTC
Discord: Isley#8256
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Spanish to English translation using Mizore's script -not their subtitles- so thanks to them. I used it because I didn't want to do the timing and stuff again. And I am new to this anyway. Almost everything is changed. Only left a few lines that were appropriate. Also, translated from Japanese the things I was able to understand. (Not just 'sugoi' etc.) I'm a native Spanish speaker and know English so I think these subs will do until someone properly translates the ep from Japanese or we get a Netflix rip. If you can't download use the DDL and then seed please. Nyaa says 'unauthorized' in the trackers section. Never created a torrent before so I apologize. If you spot any grammar mistakes please tell me so I can fix them. Enjoy? DDL: https://mega.nz/#!eQdFhQiZ!C4NO7tebZFj0ca0nHAlz2WzViT7zFDwj2ayLEotQSmI

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just stop or don't because it's hilarious
I see complaining but I don't see subbing.
season 1 never got good subs so i'm pretty sure no one cares about this anime
what? Netflix had it on so the sub there was fine.
Stop acting like Mizore is good. Ignore those cancer releases. Stop spreading anything involving her shit
What about horroifics? Does subs got horrorifics?
>what? Netflix had it on so the sub there was fine. obviously i mean before netflix (though i guess some people wouldn't even consider netflix "real subs")
@herkz Wasn't Hiryuu better than the Netflix subs?
yeah, but they never finished it
I miss Hiryuu tbh, Netflix's timing is.. not the best.
Normie's sub is pretty good after all. Btw the sub what Netflix made for s1 was also horrible, so i hope that Normie is planning to finish the project.
how much do we have to wait till we get good subs and a good quality episode? why does it take so much for kakegurui?
Cuz it’s a netflix anime and netflix releases firstly on Netflix japan only, then worldwide
>Nutflex Congrats, your favorite anime is being held hostage.
@Kirinnn fuck. @Abunja weird flex but OK
where's REISEN tho?
Everyone is a dick but I appreciate it Isley
Resurrect Hiryuu IRL. > R.I.P ma boi Hiryuu
just use aegis subs next time. sort by time, shift forward all 1 second after the start and 10 seconds back after the OP. takes like 30 seconds.