[Yvozar] ヒナまつり - 第01-15巻 [Hinamatsuri]

2019-01-09 10:16 UTC
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Thanks for doing the raws as well :D May I ask, are you native Japanese? You have a good description in Japanese. I really need to get back to studying! I studied for 4 years, but took a break. Getting a little bit rusty, but I can still read full sentences and understand them ^^ Thanks again!

Yvozar (uploader)

@SomaHeir - No problem Soma, thank you so much for the support :) I'm Dutch actually, not Japanese. Just like you I have been studying Japanese for about 4 years now. A couple of months ago my Japanese teacher advised me to start reading manga in Japanese to improve my reading skills. I took her advice to heart and started downloading and reading manga in both Japanese and English to improve my reading speed and comprehension in Japanese. Turns out I like manga even more than I like anime! I completely understand the rustiness after taking a break. Although I am reading a lot in Japanese I am not speaking at all. In April I'm going to Japan again to work there and I'm kind of dreading having to speak Japanese again hahahaha XD Thanks for the compliment by the way! My writing in Japanese is a looooot better than my speaking Happy reading!
do you know some good websites i can learn japanese from? i really want to read manga in japanese,

Yvozar (uploader)

@NonsenseUser - To be honest I never really learned Japanese from a website. The only website that I have considered useful throughout my 4 years of studying is 'Memrise' but I don't use it anymore. My advice is to get a Japanese teacher, period. If for some reason this is not doable and you have to do it by yourself I'd start by downloading or buying 'Genki 1' & 'Genki 2'. After these 2 books you NEED a teacher in my opinion, there is no other way around it. Besides studying in Genki 1 & 2 you have to study vocabulary. There is an amazing free app called 'Kanji Tree' which allows you to practice the most used 8000 words in Japanese (also per JLPT level which is awesome). Once you finish Genki 2 and you have studied a ton of vocabulary, you should start reading manga. However, please don't think you'll understand most of it, probably only 30% - 40% (and sometimes even less). Start reading a lot and find a teacher. That's all the advice I can give you because I am far from fluent myself in Japanese. Good luck!
@Yvozar much appreciated, i will start with ‘Genki 1’ & ‘Genki 2’ then.
i cant find a working link for vol 16 and 17 anywhere :( could you upload it?