Fate/EXTELLA Original Soundtrack [FLAC] + Scans

2019-01-08 01:16 UTC
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**First torrent on new network, MAY OR MAY NOT BE CONNECTABLE. Be patient, I will give it to someone else to share if this is not going well after a few hours.** Obligatory "torrent deleted in 3...2...1...." Self-purchased and ripped. Share anywhere you want. Please keep me in a credit somewhere. VGMDB: https://vgmdb.net/album/79383 ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/Jgt7aS1.jpg "cover") Personally long awaited album finally comes out 2 years after the game. Last year we got a remix of the extella theme in FGO OST Collection Vol. 2, Disc 3, track 20 - *"The Sun in The Abyss" as a teaser. This year we get everything including both staff roll variations. No, I didn't also get CCC re-release. Sorry if you're waiting for that one.

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  • SVWC-70371~2.zip (810.3 MiB)
Thank you very much for the album, I could connect you to a copy of Fate Extra CCC in FLAC if you wanted one (not my rip though).
Nice rip and great first upload.
Appreciate the upload, some tips I would recommend for better CD rips are AccurateRip needs to be turned on, "Defeat audio cache" should be yes, and try to not abort the copies or the rip in the middle of one, you wanna make sure you rip the full thing in one take. Cheers.

Karuga (uploader)

Thanks, I adjusted the cache setting. As for the AccuRip, I threw the few CD's I had on hand and it didn't like any of them, so I just went to the accurip database and did it manually. Eventually I'll feed it a normal CD for that sweet extra text line. The aborted tracks (1.03, 1.05, 1.07, 2.08 iirc) actually just had saving issues because of character rules (it has to do with the spaces, as you can see in the log). I did them on their own afterwards and no errors reported, but I forgot to attach another log, whoops. TY for your advice.