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2019-01-06 03:21 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - 01 [720p].mkv (644.5 MiB)
generic harem shit enjoy
The harem elements are lame
these 2 above have to be trolls right
I'm being sarcastic
another season, another isekai anime. 5 bucks, the MC is OP again
@Abunja well not everyday you can get one like grimgar
Because isekai is what we want. Hopefully some martian ones will return also.
@haruto if you count 1 raccoon girl as a harem, yes it is.
@fuadhika hah ! lucky this one is not grimgar crap bro !
@Abunja i already read manga till vol.9 (end first arc) .....nope. beside from he not op he is really weak and can't fight on his own. the type that survive by brain (including cheating) and the girl who be his sword.
Kamiya always trolls.. Just ignore him.. "harem" ?
Judging from this episode, he's potentially OP without him realizing it. Not OP offensively but I can see him the last man standing of those 4 heroes.
shit its been like a year since i last read the manga, now how will i know if they will ruin it.
> OP MC, Harem Laughing in Japanese.
inb4 anime version is suck unlike the manga


finally non-generic good isekai harem op mc. ![](https://cdn.discordapp.com/emojis/503915681310572564.png)
well damn, first ep was pretty spot on im guessing AOTS why couldn't Isekai Maou to Shoukan get this kind of treatment.....
@Abunja if you ever did read the manga, OP is something that never ever happen on this mc because he just can't be. and forget something like the last man standing, it really opposite because if something go wrong, he will be the first who gonna die without any possible to fight back. any ability that seem give him look like op always come with high price and very easy to counter. yup villian in this story not so stupid and can't figure it out about how to attack him.
Another laughingstock assembly here.
Wow... people think the MC will be OP here? He's a SHIELD hero. Yeah, he has cool abilities later, but he will never be OP in a fight.
Haven't read the manga obviously, so I judged based on what I observed. What I mean is he's not OP like someone like a god slayer, but someone next to an immortal because I think he's someone special. He's the protag, after all.
God, these isekai are getting worse and worse. Just give me that mom one already.
lol @ DmonHiro thinking that a shield can't be OP in an anime.
Harem anime are the best <3
plot??,nah just a bunch of "plot"(s). and lol this protag is literally a "plot armor" ~meh~
Is this a double ep?
>>defeat the waves what's that? Tower defense : the animation ???
After watching this episode i went to mangafox and read 40 chapters of the manga. This thing is amazing. Lol.XD
In web novel, MC only become OP during last arc of the story.
Depressing series
Soooo, who's doing the subs for this, now that GJM decided to replace it with Kaguya-sama?
mmm these are the kinds of anime that needs to be churned out like in a "factory treatment", like as soon as one ends----another begins.
Depressing how many scrubs get on here and bash. Find another hobby for your useless lives and the rest of us enjoy a well written series. cheers.
Why the speed is slow despite being having a good number of seeders?