[Chillock] Falcons of Edo - Edo no taka Ep01-18 (1978)

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Starring: MIFUNE Toshiro NAKATANI Ichiro, TANAKA Kunie, TANAKA Ken, SAKAGAMI Jiro SATOMI Kotaro In the 1770's, the shrewdest man of the age, Tanuma Okitsugu, had abused his political power, and the corruption of government officials and moral decay of the public were prevalent. At that time, there was a box for complaints made by the general public. It was called "Meyasubako" and was placed at the front gate of the central government's Supreme Court. The appeals went directly to the shogun who assigned the “Otakagumi” (Falconers Unit) to investigate. Led by Uchiyama Kanbei (samurai superstar Mifune Toshiro) they fought injustice and helped the oppressed. Not only were they skilled swordsmen, but their trained falcons would swoop down on enemy troops, especially those using firearms. Superb fighting throughout with Mifune at the forefront in one of his finest roles. VOLUME 1 1.) THE FALCONERS' UNIT IS BORN 2.) CUTTING THE BLACK SWAMP EVIL VOLUME 2 3.) FOLLOW THE BRIDAL PROCESSION 4.) CUTTING GREAT EDO'S DARKNESS 5.) MISSING! UNKNOWN FATE 6:) FALCONS ON THE OSHU ROAD VOLUME 3 7.) WATCH OUT, FATHER! 8.) FALCONS FLY OVER THE RUINED TOWN 9.) WOMAN'S HELL! THE DEVIL'S CONVENT 10:) FEMALE ASSASSIN'S REVENGE VOLUME 4 11.) A WOUNDED LONE WOLF! 12.) THE LETTER "PLEDGE" FLIES HIGH 13.) AMBUSH! 1,OOO SPEARS 14:) THE DARK SCAR BODYGUARD VOLUME 5 15.) SWORD OF SOLITUDE! DECAPITATOR 16.) THE VALLEY OF HOT SAND HELL 17.) THE WANDERING SAINT 18:) THE ASSASSIN'S VINDICATION

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Oh wow, thanks a lot! Would you also happen to have the other 20 episodes of the series?

chillock (uploader)

@Omelette I haven't downloaded them yet. They'll be available some time in the future.
thank you so much! so great to have more mifune stuff i haven't seen (and i've seen a good percentage of his films) - the man is a true genius - one of the greats of all time. i wish more folks would upload older japanese cinema/tv here on nyaa.