[DVDISO] Mobile Fighter G Gundam [R1]

2019-01-04 13:30 UTC
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61.5 GiB
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It is time for the "Gundam Fight" tournament! Each country sends a Gundam to Earth for this prestigious tournament in the hopes of winning power and glory for their homeland! But this time, there's an unseen evil lurking behind the scene. Domon Kasshu, Neo Japan's reluctant Fighter, is determined to uncover this evil and clear his family name! The fight to the top begins now! Sunrise release.

File list

  • [DVDISO] Mobile Fighter G Gundam
    • Season 1
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD1.ISO (6.4 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD1.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD2.ISO (6.2 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD2.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD3.ISO (6.2 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD3.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD4.ISO (6.2 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD4.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD5.ISO (5.0 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S1_DVD5.MDS (8.2 KiB)
    • Season 2
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD10.ISO (6.5 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD10.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD6.ISO (6.2 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD6.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD7.ISO (6.2 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD7.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD8.ISO (6.2 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD8.MDS (8.2 KiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD9.ISO (6.2 GiB)
      • G_GUNDAM_S2_DVD9.MDS (8.2 KiB)
Do you have victory gundam dvdiso? Or other gundam classics? Thanks.

Lupin the Nerd (uploader)

Still need Victory DVDs if can obtain them as they are trying to get rid of the DVDs now and move to Blu. Waiting my part two of the 1st series, have 0080 and 0083 OVAs, waiting on 08th MS Team, but the rest will have to wait as the Unicorn import box set me back a bit for the month. May have another set if they ever send it.
@uploader Awesome. Thank you. Looking forward to it. ☺

Lupin the Nerd (uploader)

War in the Pocket had posted back in 2017 but it is dead now but the rest will upload eventually if can even get all the DVD sets before they go out of print. Think the 1st series and Turn A Gundam are already on the chopping block from Righstuf as think they no longer sell one of the sets for each series.
ive probably posted war in pocket long ago..yes it was posted 317 days ago from today's date...and of course its still there..enjoy

Lupin the Nerd (uploader)

Just a warning the US DVD set does not contain episode 15 Cucuruz Doan`s Island of Mobile Suit Gundam the first series. It will only contain 42 episodes, blame Tomino. @pokitisme Din't really need the timeline but thanks.