Ludesia Spidering with Scraping / ルーデシア Spidering with Scraping [English Patched]

2019-01-02 20:13 UTC
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![Image]( **Title**: Ludesia Spidering with Scraping **Original title**: ルーデシア Spidering with Scraping **Year**: Japan 2008-08-16, English Patch 2017-06-21 **Developer**: Talestune **Publishers**: Talestune **Language**: English **Voice**: Not voiced **Translation**: [George Henry Shaft]( **Description**: In the year 3000, at the giant closed institution, LUDESIA, a distinctly original culture called TECHNO-GOTHIC was developing. It was a combination of the medieval times gothic and the highly scientific technology. The main characters, Yao and Kurusu, the town residents, were two of the best bounty hunters. Ludesia, Yao and Kurusu were living like a family every day. However, Yao and Kurusu made a terrible mistake, lost Ludesia and ended up losing everything as a result. In their deepest despair, they were contacted by the most powerful group in the giant closed institution LUDESIA, Kyokai-tokui. The group made a request for them to investigate the living-dead zombies who had appeared in town... **Important**: 1. You need to change system locale to Japanese. 2. No need to install. 3. The translated version includes three extras: the Hush-Hush Realtime Column, a partial iOS re-release of Ludesia, and the extra Valentine's story Saint?/Faint!. - The Hush-Hush is included in a subdirectory. Open INDEX.HTML or access each issue individually. Should work with any browser. Browser zoom is recommended. - To access Ludesia Episode 01 and Saint?/Faint!, read the main scenario to the end first then find them under 'extras' on the main menu. Note that unlike the rest of the TalesTunes works only the first few scenes of Ludesia were updated and released on iOS. That version, dubbed 'Episode 01', was removed from the Apple store after an OS update broke saving and is currently unavailable for purchase. 4. Known Issues: - The opening is not subtitled as no official lyrics could be located. - Character dolls appear in the save screen. - Only the last line displayed is saved. Saving halfway through a page and reloading will leave part of the page blank or otherwise gone. It is recommended to save at the beginning of pages. - Backlog itself is not saved. - Chuunifurries(tm), er, "Ruby Text" is not saved to the backlog and therefore can't be reviewed that way. - The font can be a little 'packed'. 5. Credits: - Diviner of the Moon Runes and Eroge Insertion Specialist: George Henry Shaft - Editing: YEWISP (Your Editor, Who is Inexplicably a Sock Puppet), esq. - Word wrapping hack: Insani - Fonts: BlamBot **Source**: Ludesia English Readme **Screenshots**: ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image]( ![Image](

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