2019-01-01 21:48 UTC
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# Ten: Tenhodoori no Kaidanshi s01e01 ![alt text](https://gyao.c.yimg.jp/im_siggMwrlbR8BnBWSpakvO2mpgA---y480-bd1-q80-bdx640-n0-bdy480-x640-prib/r/iwiz-rio/nile/osiris/448c2f9e266db2e355bd886b2e09d670c238c871.jpg) Adaptation of the famous Fukumoto manga in which the character Akagi Shigeru first appears. Honestly I was hoping someone else would pick this up, but there was no way in hell I was going to watch this series without subs. So we had to do it ourselves. We've basically finished the series so I'll be releasing an episode once a week for the next 12 weeks. I don't have a lot of upload bandwidth so seeding is appreciated. I will stop seeding at any time. If you'd like to help out with corrections or releases just contact me. I'm currently looking for the "web only" episode between episodes 11 and 12. If I can get access to that we'll do that episode too. Apart from all that, enjoy.

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Sanks for this :D I hope you can do a batch so more people can seed it for a long time :)

on3 (uploader)

We really only did this for fun SomaHeir, so I've got to revise, re-time and correct each episode. It'll take a little while. But we'll do a batch when that's done.
Really happy to see someone picked this up, thank you so much and I can't wait for the next episodes to come!
Okay, cool, I'll be waiting for the v2 batch. Thanks.

on3 (uploader)

@Abystoma I wouldn't do a batch unless i had access to the "special episode" released on the Paravi streaming service and which takes place between episodes 11 and 12, detailing most of the 2 Player Mahjong arc. Been looking for months but still don't have it. If you're having difficulty with seeds there's plenty of sites which stream the vids which have picked up the subs.