Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2018 [BD 1080p60 Hi10P 5.1 AAC][kuchikirukia]v2

2018-12-28 23:19 UTC
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Unlike my Magical Mirai 2017 rip, I did not insert the bonus Blu-ray performances from the other two days into the main concert since there were audio issues with them. I’m not even including most of them as separate extras since all but one have had multiple recent concert appearances without the audio issues. (most were in Magical Mirai 2017.) The only one I kept was 1/6 -out of the gravity- since I believe its last performance was Magical Mirai 2013. The dropped extras were: Sweet Devil magnet Remote Control Melt 39 music! Weird that I’m the first release here. There are usually several shitty 30fps rips before the first 60fps ones appear. (also, fastest V2 ever)

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You're also great to spend almost 100$ for this shit and release be the first here, so great & big thanks :) I'm also glad for your best encode to 60fps, I'm honestly I can't do that because that will make my device broken & need time at least 1 day or more to encode that with best quality :( I'll be wait for the next this shit next year... :)

kuchikirukia (uploader)

This took 45 hours to encode for me.
kuchiki-san, can u please encode 720p version for magical mirai 2018?
Wow @kuchikirukia , you're so hard... :D . Are be fine your device? I mean it's still healthy not broke? If I do that, maybe my laptop device is now going to be broke because overheating temperature & turn on without shut down until 2days or more... :( My past fault with old laptop is going encode until 1 week, it's gonna be insane :(
and where is other bonus part of concert beside "1 6 out of gravity"? i think there is stil 5 more bonus part of concert left.
Please upload the rest of the extras, or post them on Mega.I bought the standard blu ray, & those extras are not on it.
Thanks for the upload! I also grabbed the physical copy and noticed the extra songs sounded wonky. Miku's voice this time around sounded a lot more 'polished' on the blu-ray and less like a live performance. Anyone else feel that way? Either way, great performance as always.
@Seth I agree on Miku'voice.Everyone's also.You can't hear the crowd as well.That is the only thing i don't like about it.
can you provide 2.0 flac (or AAC if that's too much of a bother)? would be very much appreciated. (I'd like one for 1/6 too if you decided to do it because that song means so much to me. thank you so much for including it in the release)

kuchikirukia (uploader)

2.0 is in the 720 now
Thanks ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Thank you! Best Magical Mirai!