Digimon World Re:Digitize [English Patched v1.1 DUB] [NPJH50588] [PSP Remaster] [PS3 PKG]

2018-12-09 23:44 UTC
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### **I've made a very nice looking PSP Remaster var. of Digimon World Re:Digitize using great photos, good compression, & MINIS2 settings.** TESTED on PS3 Rebug CFW only (don't know if it works on OFW) PSP ISO used at https://cdromance.com/psp/digimon-world-redigitize-full-english-patched/ **Also if the torrent is slow or not working, try downloading it at https://mega.nz/#F!btwBFAgT Key: A-DctpRaMF81ZK-a1F1xHQ** Note my MediaFire files are down & will most likely be gone, for now, will be uploading to Mega, PW is my name. ![alt text](https://cdromance.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Digimon_World_Re_Digitize_JPN_UMD_PSP-Coverart.jpg "Cover") **Title:** Digimon World Re:Digitize **Genre:** RPG **Year:** September 9, 2013 **Developer:** ‎ tri-Crescendo **Publishers:** Bandai Namco **Language:** English **Translator Source**: digimonworldre.wordpress.com **Description:** In the future, all communication networks collapse except for the GIGO network, which from then on controls all aspects of human life. Among the services of GIGO is an MMORPG called Digital Monsters. Unknown to everyone, the game connects actually with the Digital World and the players are raising Digimon in fact, but only a few Tamers may hear their voices and interact with them beyond the game. Taiga and his friends are sent to the Digital World when the enigmatic Mirei send them an email which should be responded with the expression "Re:Digitize". There, Taiga and the others should help Jijimon to rebuild the Primary Village, which had been losing population due to a crisis happened in the File Island. While helping rebuild the city and investigate the mystery of the crisis on the island and their arrival at the Digital World, the guys run into wild and dangerous Digimon that have been infected by the mysterious Blackening Phenomenon. In order to restore the Digimon and the Digital World, our heroes must unravel the secret of the Vitium GIGO Project and defeat the terrible creature known as Vitium. **Important:** D-pad maps right analog stick for camera viewing. DUB ISO v1.1: Full English but Uses Western localized terms. **Screenshots:** ![alt text](https://i.postimg.cc/2SZ293hj/Digimon-World-Re-Digitize-2.png "1") ![alt text](https://i.postimg.cc/9MjPnpVJ/Digimon-World-Re-Digitize.png "2") ![alt text](https://i.postimg.cc/dVbSJGwT/Digimon-World-Re-Digitize-1.png "3") **P.S. I'm working on more PSP for PS3. If you have any ideas, let me know.

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Can't go past the initial save screen, help