FINAL FANTASY II: Anniversary Edition [ULES00987] [PSP Remaster] [PS3 PKG]

2018-12-07 23:00 UTC
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### **I've made a very nice looking PSP Remaster var. of FINAL FANTASY II using great photos, good compression, & MINIS2 settings.** TESTED on PS3 Rebug CFW only (don't know if it works on OFW) PSP ISO at **Also if the torrent is slow or not working, try downloading it at!btwBFAgT Key: A-DctpRaMF81ZK-a1F1xHQ** Note my MediaFire files are down & will most likely be gone, for now, will be uploading to Mega, PW is my name. ![alt text]( "Cover") **Title:** FINAL FANTASY II **Genre:** RPG **Year:** February 8, 2008 **Developer:** ‎ Square Enix **Publishers:** Square Enix **Language:** English **Description:** Final Fantasy II was ported to the PlayStation Portable as part of the Final Fantasy 20th Anniversary compilation. Its music is the same as in Final Fantasy Origins. The graphics have been updated to higher resolution. The script is the same as the Game Boy Advance port aside from the dungeons exclusive to this version, but the FMV and Art Galleries from Final Fantasy Origins have returned, and the Arcane Labyrinth dungeons have been introduced, a new series of three dungeons, that after being completed, lead to the Arcane Sanctuary, where the party may challenge new bosses. This version introduced a Defend command to the battle menu, whereas before party members would occasionally block with a shield if one was equipped. **Important:** Minor graphical issues as you move on maps/world **Screenshots:** ![alt text]( "D1") **P.S. I'm working on more PSP for PS3. If you have any ideas, let me know.

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