[Guodongsubs][Xing Chen Bian][Stellar Transformations][03][HEVC_AAC][English Sub]

2018-12-07 12:23 UTC
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Bit spoilt by atrocious translation.
Always the same complaints : hey saltbrush, if the translation is not good enough for you, then make it yourself or stop complaining about the people who are doing the work. Thank you Guondongsubs group for these subs, your hard work is greatly appreciated.
I wanna thank you for the subs they are not perfect but they are miles better than anything I have found on youtube, but there is something I would like you to do, can you plz tone down/reduce the size of the group crest you put on each episode? it's too big & distracting it would be nice if you reduce the size in half, also I would like to ask why it takes so much time to release new episodes, this episode was released 20 days ago.. are you going to continue with that pace? 1 episode every 3-4 weeks? if yes than we won't see this finished for a long-long time.. & I don't think even the most patient person can w8 for that long to watch this from your group & that's sad because you are doing a good job :/