[35mm] Liz to Aoi Tori - Liz and the Blue Bird [720p] [BD14A57E].mkv

2018-12-05 23:32 UTC
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Original translation. Encode is from [Deany](https://nyaa.si/view/1099550). 1080p release tomorrow when our own encode finishes. In the mean time, if you spot any mistakes, let us know and we'll fix the script. Seeding glitch has been resolved; there actually *aren't* missing lines in the complete file. [You can get the subtitle script from AnimeTosho](https://animetosho.org/view/35mm-liz-aoi-tori-liz-blue-bird-720p-bd14a57e-mkv.n1099880) if you want to watch it with a different raw/encode, but we'll be releasing the 1080p with an updated script shortly anyway.

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  • [35mm] Liz to Aoi Tori - Liz and the Blue Bird [720p] [BD14A57E].mkv (868.0 MiB)
I can’t help but be skeptical about the quality of a release this quick edit: I found a mistake—you used honorifics
Can anyone confirm if this is any good?
I'd say it's about simulcast quality; overly literal and weeby, but that's A) from just skimming through and B) from someone who doesn't like Hibike Euphonium. Certainly watchable for anyone who's this desperate, but might not give the best first impression. There isn't much creativity or thought put into rephrasing things for English. You can feel the Japanese in the script. As a musician, the conversations about music also seem poorly translated (probably due to how literal the script is), but the average person probably wouldn't notice. No typesetting or song translations. It's basically a simulcast.
Dunno, man. This group had great script for Koe no Katachi.
well i straight up hated koe no katachi and disliked hibike so i've been avoiding this movie like the plague so i'm just giving an opinion for the people who *are* interested
Pretty sure this torrent is fucked. All that leech.
Thank you, but can you upload the subtitle track by itself?
here: https://my.mixtape.moe/ujhrug.ass i embedded the included fonts in the .ass for ya. can't give you the chapters but it's a movie so lol chapters
Decent subs from a decent group. Thanks! @bospie You can find the ASS file in AnimeTosho when it's fully leeched.
how long is this gonna stay on 98% shit-tier ?
Welcome to the world of leech
>so i’ve been avoiding this movie like the plague >comments 10 minutes after this was released Why do you keep watching things you hate, Maxine?
What if we all agreed to get in line and make sure that there's never more leechers than seeders and just do this in a nice orderly manner Also is it slowing down at 98 percent for EVERYONE? I was doing 2.2 MB/s up until then and then it just died. Why do the last few megs take so much longer than the first 800?
Thanks for the fast subs.
RIP me. 0.1kbps @ 99.2%
How does it keep getting slower as it goes??? LEECHERS FUCK OFF FOR A MINUTE, I WILL START SEEDING AS SOON AS I'M FINISHED
someone above has shared the .ass script only. people can just do watch another raw releases and put the subs there
smh at how many people in the comments still don't understand how the bittorrent protocol works.
>I found a mistake—you used honorifics lots of people seem to be making that mistake these days :(
fucking torrents, how do they work?
Missing subs at 10:30 and 13:30
So my torrent stooped down to 0.1kb/s like an hour ago when it was at 99.2%. (its still there). BUT - I went ahead and started the video file, and I'm over 30 minutes into watching it and there have only been like (5) 1-second interruptions in the video playback, so I'm good with just watching it like that, its not enough to interrupt the story or be annoying. I'm not keeping this version forever to watch later on anyway, this is a watch-and-delete version that I'll replace with a better one for my library in the future.
@munkeh: did your download finish or are you using the .ass posted above?
Amazing!! No one complete download!!
@bleh - what % you at? You might try like I noted in my comment above ^^. If you're at like 99% just go ahead and start the video file; you'll have a few second-long interruptions here and there but nothing that's terrible or distracting.
How about just waiting for the download to complete? Sounds a little smarter.
i did that and the lines he said were missing are there when I checked. the .ass file posted above is probably just faulty, so PSA don't download it.
@bleh - yeah, I'm just using the torrent here we're in. I didn't do the posted .ass file + original raw vid. I haven't had any sub lines missing so far from this torrent and I'm 48 minutes into watching it
@------ idk if you've noticed, but no ones' download has completed, and maybe you are more patient than I. But personally I didn't mind the handful of 1-second interruptions. Also, haven't had any interruptions past the 32-minute mark, and I'm like 15 minutes shy of having finished the entire movie.
honorific and you can feel the japanese in the subs ? How wonderful ! Seriously why aren't you watching the series in dub if you don't want to feel the japanese ...
All these people not knowing how bit-torrent works, lol. Also, thanks.
"edit: I found a mistake—you used honorifics" Maybe you just need to watch dub instead of sub if you don't want to feel a bit Japanese.


>read subs >"feel a bit Japanese" top kek
Too old for this crap. Can do with both.
waited for so long! Can't wait for 1080p. Dub arguement too weak lawl If you wanna be a weeb just learn the language
i should would for a better sub and quality
Did you use [Moozzi2]'s video?
^ I hope not
@29:21 Class 3-1 not [2-1](https://p.n4o.xyz/i/q8zhic.png)
\>Did you use [Moozzi2]'s video? \>description literally says "Encode is from Deany." in the first line please read
Do folks rly dl crap moozzi encodes? lmao
1/100 Brace yourself for the quality releases...
What kind of sorcery is this? >Width : 1 280 pixels Height : 690 pixels Display aspect ratio : 1.85:1
The Pop Team Epic reference translating "yurusenai" as "arrested for food crimes" made me inordinately upset and afraid to keep watching because I hate people who talk like that. I'm gonna nap it off and appreciate the rest of your hard work.
The video quality is not all that good but I watched it with a proper RAW anyway. Subtitles wise, they are pretty okay nothing extraordinary, the translation is a bit off in places and some minor bits are quite inaccurate, pretty much knowing Japanese myself I do not need the subs but its fun to check them out anyway as a quality control, you will get by with these for now just fine, at least in my opinion. There minor faults here and there, minor inaccuracies in translation, not a big deal, the ending credit song is not subtitled however.
Can't wait for 1080p :D Thanks!
Updated script off the [35mm] 1080p version https://nyaa.si/view/1100112 to this and added the second ending credit lyrics. First ending credit remains untranslated for now. https://www.diffchecker.com/gJx6lvmK http://www.filedropper.com/35mmliztoaoitori-lizandthebluebird720pbd14a57e
Typeset was done by https://nyaa.si/view/1102666 only for 1080p and 1036p. Modified both the honorific and localized subtitles resampled for this 720p (690p) version if anybody wants to use it. I included patches as well if too lazy to mux it yourself. https://www.diffchecker.com/RuQFTyvt https://www.filedropper.com/35mmliztoaoitori-lizandthebluebird720p04e58a80v2 https://uptobox.com/92mq91h0cksk