[pyroneko] Darling in the FranXX Vol. 5 (BD 810p)

2018-12-05 23:24 UTC
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The last good chunk of episodes from the show, it's downhill from here, consider yourself warned.

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  • [pyroneko] Darling in the FranXX Vol. 5 (BD 810p)
    • [pyroneko] Darling in the FranXX - 13 [BD 810p][72A9ABAD].mkv (597.8 MiB)
    • [pyroneko] Darling in the FranXX - 14 [BD 810p][8CECD7E5].mkv (702.4 MiB)
    • [pyroneko] Darling in the FranXX - 15 [BD 810p][3F824CC1].mkv (876.1 MiB)

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Tell me about 810p
Well, at least I'll be disappointed in BD 810p FLAC.

pyrorinnegan (uploader)

No, you'll be disappointed in BD 810p AAC.
*cries in AAC*
Thanks, now I'm already disappointed. :(
How bluray AND 810p 😐😐
Video downsized to 75%?

pyrorinnegan (uploader)

Guys it's 2018, this is the 5th volume and tbh the res conversation is just a pain in the ass at this point. Native res is 810p it was produced in 810p, its AAC cause i said so, want FLAC or 1080p I recommend Beatrice-Raws, but no you won't gain much out 1080p that you already gain from 810p Hi444p.
Thanks! Any chance of a 4K encode?? Need those extra pixels for my TV
> this is **like** the 5th volume Is it or is it not the actual 5th? :^)

pyrorinnegan (uploader)

koby pls ;__;
Thanks, pyrorinnegan!
I understand, thank you for the explanation.
Almost there! Thanks!


Sigh. Stop with the native res meme. People can't determine this from final work, period. Easy falsification of such tests: take a fillled rectangle on a 1920x1080 canvas. Now do your downscale-upscale test. It'll show a much much lower res than the native 1080p. People have been proven wrong with behind-the-scenes production look at the animation production. People got the native res very wrong for Kill-La-Kill which was actually animated at slightly higher than 1080p. I have the original key frames from the Trigger production blog and they're very high res. People were tricked into thinking it was lower res because if you look at production footage of the extra DVDs, it'll show them intentionally thickening then *blurring* the lines.