Sword Art Online - Alicization 09 (1080p WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 2.0 theincognito) [UTR]

2018-12-01 18:36 UTC
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276.2 MiB
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Source: Erai-raws Video: 1080p,x265 10bit Audio: Untouched from source Subtitle: Untouched from source Feedback appreciated!

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  • Sword.Art.Online.Alicization.09.1080p.WEB-DL.x265.HEVC.10bit.AAC.2.0-theincognito[UTR].mkv (276.2 MiB)
If you're re-encoding a WEB source, it's a WEBRip. Not a WEB-DL.
@Scyrous I'm not sure, WEBRip implies that there's some capping process involved. This is a re-encoded WEB-DL.
@iridium Since BDrips and TVrips are re-encodes of BD and TV sources, I don't see why it would be any different for WEBrips. Then again I don't know the specifics. WEBrip or no WEBrip, my point still stands. This is not an untouched/genuine WEB-DL and so the files/torrents shouldn't be named as such. :P

theincognito (uploader)

@Scyrous This is a re-encoded WEB-DL. Re-encodes of WEBRip sources are still tagged WEBRip and re-encodes of WEB-DL sources are still tagged WEB-DL. That's the naming convention. And, TV Rips are tagged as HDTV, for both the source and it's re-encodes. Only for BluRay that we have BDrip and BRrip. @iridium is right. The actual source is CrunchyRoll, which Erai-raws download and distribute. And that's a WEB-DL, since they are not using screen recording and actually downloading the source.
> re-encodes of WEB-DL sources are still tagged WEB-DL Yeah no. Sorry pal, but that's completely false. Might want to read up on the topic in that case. If that's truly your assumption, no wonder you got it wrong for 9 episodes in a row lol.
WEB-DLs are completely untouched original source files. If you've re-encoded the source, you shouldn't call it a WEB-DL.
After a lot of readings from 50 chrome tabs of different websites explaining about WEB-DL and WEBRip, I can confirm that @Scyrous and @Astral and of course me myself that "If you’re re-encoding a WEB source, it’s a WEBRip. Not a WEB-DL." like @Scyrous said. Standard naming is important in every aspect whether it be episodes or movies and the source from which it came or was encoded or re-encoded in your case.