Kizuna AI - melty world [FLAC]

2018-11-30 15:53 UTC
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40.3 MiB
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DDL in the Discord server.

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@Sheldonsuckz PLEASE UPLOAD CD WAV + DVD MEGA DDL please. Please reply if you see this.
Don't get your hopes up for that.
First your attitude, fix that. Second, please explain why not?
I found you on TSDM. Im gonna report to them you redistribute downloads!
Well that file isn't even locked all you have to do is reply to download it. Second All the files I upload are not from TSDM so I don't even know what you would report to them.
@Darksiders You sound like a fuckin child. Why don't you upload it yourself?
@DARKSiDERS I see you asked Mashin for the file and he gave it to you. I just checked the link and it works. For starters you need a Baidu account. This can be made free of charge with a phone number (doesn't have to be a mainland China number) This file is over 300MB so you're gonna need to download the Baidu net disk client to even start the download. It will be slow ~50kbps for the most part and may even fail midway through. At that point you have two options to speed up the download. Buy the premium version of the account (expensive) or spend some time learning how to use pandownload.
@Sheldonsuckz Are you mad!!??? Mashin didn't give me anything except a link to a phishing site. Why should I do all that when you do it all the time? You already know how to do it and you download / upload in the same manner all the time and can do it in 5 seconds. You have a 1000 torrents that you acquired in the same way and you're telling me you can't fetch that single 400 MB file. You're joking right? *Tell me how to make an account on TSDM then?* If it's that simple why don't you get that file for me? You already have an account and you can send it to me in a MEGA link. You already uploaded files from TSDM last year. You just re-encoded some metadata and renamed files. Remember? You sound like a kokain dealer who says: "No I don't deal kokain, dunno what you're talking about!" (Says that while standing next to 20 kg of kokain parcels.) @blakstealth You sound like you have to go to work every. Why should I do ANYTHING myself when Sheldonsuckz here uploads thousands of torrents. Are you fuckin mad???
Thanks for the uploads as always, Sheldonsuckz! @DARKSiDERS Are you seriously implying a complete stranger on the internet has the responsibility to serve your needs as you see fit? Even after you insulted the hell out of them when they literally did nothing to you? Grow up please.
@Onee-chan Are you completely insane? I'm stating facts and you call that insulting? If we are picking insults then Sheldonsuckz insulted me first with her *retarded* attitude. Nothing I said was insulting. It was FACTS. And why should I care what a complete stranger on the internet thinks about me. Grow up please. (And stop going to work! If you can.)
@DARKSiDERS Google it and you'll find ddl links for Desktop Cinderella with ease. copy+paste+Enter isn't that hard is it?
@DARKSiDERS You're the only one here with the retarded attitude. Do you always bite the hand that feeds you?
@umbrellafactor I am not looking for any MP3 or FLAC. I am looking for the original source WAV. I already have the FLAC tracks from @blakstealth Do you masturbate to Sheldonsuckz all the time or what? Sheldonsuckz is the one with retarded attitude. Look at that first reply man. And I never downloaded anything Sheldonsuckz uploads here because her taste for music if AWFUL and I don't like localised crap. I still don't understand why she can't fetch that one file? Uploads thousands of torrents and can't fetch 400 mb from the vrey same site she steals music form. Insane.
The reason I don't upload it is because you're incorrect. What I upload is not taken from TSDM and 99 percent are not taken from.Baidu. if you open any of my releases you will see that the tags say Deezer. That is the source of my files. Also the incident earlier in the year was not that I took files from TSDM. It was that I took files from perfect dark that just so happened to be from TSDM. The admin of TSDM and I have already talked about it and we came to an agreement . In the site you can check logs of who bought which songs and it showed that I never bought any of them. Also i use romaji based on personal preference. You can easily switch the tags back to whatever you want using any editor.
Beggars don't get to be choosers.
@DARKSiDERS why do you look like a Ben Shapiro fan, with all the "FACTS AND LOGIC" matter lmao
@Sheldonsuckz I see. Sorry about that. Please accept my apology. I guess you could have explained everything in the first comment instead of pissing me off. Thank you. Very courteous of you to actually reply like a human. Moving on... @Minami Congrats on the EPIC comment! You do realise I can use VPN and countless emails if need be? And the pressence of your purple name means nothing to me. Hope you had fun observing and oh, right, regarding beggars: I'm not the one who has to go to work every day. I guess you are referring to yourself as a beggar? And to answer your question as to why I wanted the WAV: Because it is very convenient while I'm awaiting for the original CD to be shipped to me. Simple as that. @Satoscio I'm not from America, I don't know who that is. LMAO @you too.
Shoutouts to Sheldonsuckz for keeping a cool head in the face of an incel temper tantrum.
@DARKSiDERS All I see from your posts are that you got denied whatever shitty Hatsune Miku music, and you got all pissy about it. I want to believe that English isn't your first language because no english-speaking person gets offended from what the uploader said, but you go ahead and threaten to report the uploader and insult their taste in music. You're the only one here with problems. What makes it worse is that you claim to have already bought the original CD but want the WAVs early just to make your life more convenient? Get outta here. No one here is doing this for YOUR convenience, especially after all of your whining and complaining. And why does the uploader have to explain their reasoning for not personally doing you a favor? You're behaving like an entitled child.
Thanks for the upload and DDL, Sheldonsuckz. I appreciate it, unlike some people...
Thanks \(*T▽T*)/