Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01

2018-11-29 19:04 UTC
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1.1 GiB
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Raws from unknown source. New version: Re-encoded to fix compression, color and contrast issues. New encode was compared with the a4e encode for accuracy. Subs by a4e, retimed and modified slightly.

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Thanks for the work, but... strictly personal opinion: I am a proponent of restoring the video-source of old OAV's and animation movies. But I like to do it with criterion, 'cause I love the "vintage" effect (that "patina") some dated-productions keep. For my taste, the work done on colors is really excessive. Too much saturation. The original layers are almost distorted. Both the metal of the mecha grade and the skin-tone is altered. The earth, the smoke and the clouds... lose their definition and intensity. I own an old (and gorgeous) laserdisc from this animated film, and I can assure you that your version results very-very different fron the original. Really flashy... :( 'To talk'n about friendly. Just a piece of advice.