SONGS OF TOKYO 2018 (Part 1-4) [NHK WORLD-JAPAN][1080i h264 TS]

2018-11-25 01:40 UTC
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SONGS OF TOKYO (Part 1-4) NHK WORLD-JAPAN version SK Broadband IPTV (South Korean) TS 1920x1080i h264 AAC \* Untouched transport stream, might contain Ads/CM during show. \* English dialogue hardsubbed. --- In the preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, Japan is aiming to go beyond just sports and share their culture with the world. The January 2018 broadcast of NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents SONGS OF TOKYO showcased artists representing the music of modern-day Tokyo performing at NHK Hall in Shibuya. Due to the overwhelming global response, a second edition will be held. NHK WORLD-JAPAN presents SONGS OF TOKYO will be filmed before a live audience at NHK Hall on October 11-12 with NHK WORLD-JAPAN and NHK General TV broadcasts to follow shortly after. Returning as host is Shingo Murakami (KANJANI∞). Chiaki Horan also returns and NHK announcer Yuki Sugiura makes her first appearance as a co-host. Look forward to exciting performances from all the amazing artists. --- [Part 1]November 17, 2018 (Sat) 8:10- 14:10- 19:10- 26:10- (JST) Keyakizaka46, Maaya Uchida, Nogizaka46, Touken DANSHI formation of TOKYO ![]( --- [Part 2]November 18, 2018 (Sun) 8:10- 14:10- 19:10- 26:10- (JST) Eir Aoi, GARNiDELiA, GOLDEN BOMBER, Hiroyuki Sawano/SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] ![]( --- [Part 3]November 24, 2018 (Sat) 8:10- 14:10- 19:10- 26:10- (JST) [ALEXANDROS], Daichi Miura, DA PUMP ![]( --- [Part 4]November 25, 2018 (Sun) 8:10- 14:10- 19:10- 26:10- (JST) KANJANI∞, NEWS, Sayuri Ishikawa ![]( Note : These captures was recorded from first broadcast.

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    • 181125 Songs of Tokyo Pt.4 [石川さゆり、関ジャニ∞、NEWS].ts (3.8 GiB)
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