RAW[181117]LoveLive! Sunshine!! Aqours 4th LoveLive! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~Day1,Tokyo Dome,Japan

2018-11-19 16:37 UTC
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30.2 GiB
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***Another version of compatible with mobile devices,see https://nyaa.si/view/1095816*** RAW from Live-viewing satellite signal Keep seeding Torrents with the others' Liveviewing raw please if you can. ****Thank you,Friends!!***** [181117]ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! Aqours 4th LoveLive! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~ @東京ドーム *Aqours 4th Live Theme song

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  • [181117]ラブライブ!サンシャイン!! Aqours 4th LoveLive! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~ @東京ドーム.ts (30.2 GiB)
Is this legit?
day 1 @Nov 17 day 2 @Nov 18 SO, This is DEY ONE
Please re encode to 720p for babies xD Anyway, thank you for the blessing! Friend! Get it? Thank you.... Friend ? XD
1080p day 1 legit! Thank you op!!!
it takes too long to download this torrent
can't wait to finally finish downloading this torrent in december of 2020
i can try to upload a ~4gb 720p reencode like i did with 3rd live for those with slower internet after i get back from work
@Joalse that would be much appreciated! i tried to download the facebook stream but its just way too bad of quality so i'd prefer to have the regular .ts
Can this be downloaded to iPhone?
DL speed dropped terribly after 2gb, not enough seeds... if someone has a low quality stream saved, please upload it, idc if its 480p or less
Very low speed this morning (utc+7). Hopefully someone who already completed keep seeding this torrents.
Please tell me someone how to watch this video Is it useless outside torrent?
it is 3MB/s now and im seeding it 2MB/s well, downloading in two ways
@Joalse I would really appreciate that and if you could upload the .mp4 to mega again it would be fantastic
I could re-encode it to a x265 4GB one with preset “veryslow”, so it can have both good quality and small size. But I need some donation to reduce the Server's cost, anyone interested?
@Joalse YES PLEASE!! There's a lot of peple unable to download this torrent because of slow internet. This morning (UTC+1) my connection speed doesn't go above 2MBps (out of 15, which is my max speed) and the max dl speed for the torrent is 200kbps.... I downloaded the third live a few days ago because I'm learning a choreo from there, and it took me "only" a night for a 4GB file... Imagine when I'm going to see this torrent dowloaded. I would better buy a plane ticket to the US and ge to see a delayed viewing at this rate. So please, anyone who can convert big size videos, remeber about your brothers and sisters with a potato wifi, also for future lives/and the movie ;___; PS: does anyone of you know when we might get to see the movie on nyaa?
Can download most stuff with 20/30mbs but this one can barely break 30kbs. Am I the only one having that issue? Seem odd with so many completed downloads and seeders.
I was at Tokyo Dome for Day 1 and at a LV for Day 2 :) @aRandomShinyGirl, there are DVs of Day 2 confirmed across SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand throughout December. Dates for Canada and US should be announced soon. The movie gets released to cinema in Japan on Jan 4. It won't be released on DVD/BD until at least July. We'll have a BD of 3rd live before we get a BD of the movie.
This torrent has about 500,000 pieces of 64KiB each, which is too many. It consumes many CPU power and slows down download speed... Actually, my NAS stucks many time during download. It is good practice to make torrent have less than 10,000 pieces by increasing piece size. Please consider
Thanks for the upload! Averaging 500~800kpbs over here
Someone please let me download this video on my iPhone Help me
This takes forever to download *sigh*
Una pregunta, si se ve pixelado el live? Por que yo lo veo así :,,,c. Si alguien sabe como arreglarlo diganme porfavor!!!!
@Minalinsky: possible to upload Day2 in 1080p .ts?