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thanks for this I have watched all episodes of pokemon that have ever aired including all specials and movies and have everything stored on my hdd but I think this sun and moon anime is kind of a trainwreck compared to the rest of the series do you guys share my opinion?

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

I mean I have some issues with Sun & Moon, but... No I do not. It's got way too many main characters resulting in some of them being seriously underused, and the pacing is odd to say the least, but I still find it highly entertaining and the animation quality is abnormally high for being a series that runs all year 'round.
It’s really true, what you said. Sun and Moon is really childish!
i mean the studio isn't even confident to make movies with these characters with this art style instead they make alternate reality movies of the past adventures
Thanks for the translations! About the quality... I like it quite a good amount and the animation is simply amazing (I'm honestly shocked with how long running series like Pokemon or Precure manage to look so consistently great), although I feel that the episodes after the end of the Necrozma arc have been underwhelming, hopefully I like this episode more. I can't say much about comparisons since I have big nostalgia googles on all I watched as a kid on TV (from the original to halfway through Black and White) and from Gen 6 I only watched a bit of XYZ mostly for the final fight since people hyped it up back then, this is the only season I can judge.right now and I like it.
I still think Best Wishes is the worst.
I wish someday Pokémon Special gets its own anime.
@AndyAlex91 The reason the latest movies are alternate reality is because the movies from previous series weren't doing very well (at least for Pokémon standards). It wasn't an issue with the Sun & Moon characters, but rather with the movies themselves. "I Choose You" managed to bring them back up and it even was successfully played on cinemas around the world, something that hadn't happened in like 15 years. (By the way, thanks for the episodes and translations, guys)
I don't really understand why some people don't like the S&M anime. I think it's amazing. The animation is fantastic (and recognized as such), the writing is good. It's different from how it used to be, for sure, but I don't think that's bad. I've seen all 1000+ episodes, nearly all specials (I can't track down some of them) and to me, they can stay in Alola for a few more years. :)
Yey Thank you! Nobody except me will cooperate SEED of episode01~26.