Dragon Ball Z Episode 001 Preview

2018-11-07 23:05 UTC
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Again, done with my barebone skills at Premiere and After Effects. Not 100% happy with it, but I think it's good enough. Enjoy!

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  • Dragon Ball Z Episode 001 Preview.mkv (46.5 MiB)
I also did both this one and the Trunks special one for my project. In case you're planning to do Dr. Slump's episode 243 preview of Dragon Ball Episode 001 next, I did that one too. Unless you enjoy doing these (which I absolutely didn't lol), I could save you the hassle and give you mine. I did all 3 of them by laying both VHS and Dragon Box videos on top of each other with one video being rendered half-opaque during editing and removing VHS video after, so everything is frame perfect where possible. If you want mine, lemme know. I checked all the translations myself and had them re-checked by someone who speaks Japanese better than me. Don't I know you from somewhere BTW? Your name sounds familiar. (Oh, and the GT Episode 001 Preview of DBZ Episode 291, the video is in the extras of the GT Dragon Box, and the subs are for some reason present in the subs of DBZ Episode 291 of the Funimation Dragon Box, even though the preview is not included in the video, in case you were planning that one)

Deli295 (uploader)

Thanks Pendekar, I would like to see how all of your previews look. Maybe we know each other from the DragonBall project, don't remember though.
That brings back some bad memories lol. Anyway, here you go: https://we.tl/t-nV0EAI71UU