[U3-Tsundere] Non Non Biyori OAD 1&2 [BDRip 10bit 1920x1080 FLAC]

2018-11-07 19:11 UTC
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3.8 GiB
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**Uploading cuz, no one else didn't do this yet.** *Retimed Squiggy's sub to work with the raw.* **Not the best raw, but it is still better than the DVD one** Seedbox is under load so upload speed would be anywhere between 20~80mbit/s. ![alt text](https://image.ibb.co/cQAJyV/U3-Tsundere-Non-Non-Biyori-EP13-OAD-BDRip-10bit-1920x1080-FLAC-mkv-snapshot-15-12-2018-11-08-00-35-04.jpg)

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The way you tagged these files (incorrectly) indicates this was a joint project between U3 and Tsundere. If either U3 or Tsundere reports this torrent for that reason, it'll be removed. I suggest you pick a different tag and re-submit everything.

nImEHuntetD (uploader)

I believe only a random would report the torrent. And if it gets removed I have no problem, in the end it's their hard work. Even if atleast 1 person is happy with my share, I guess I have done my end of job. :D
> is aware he's breaking a rule > proceeds to ignore it nice suit yourself ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ the rules clearly state: > Unless you are reuploading an original release, you should either avoid using tags that are not your own or make it extremely clear to everyone that you are the one responsible for the upload. If these policies are not obeyed, then those torrents will be removed if reported by a group or person commonly seen as the owner of the tag(s). This especially applies to remake torrents. so yes, you're breaking it.

nImEHuntetD (uploader)

There is no such thing as breaking a rule, I'm not gonna get condemned just because I didn't named it properly.
>There is no such thing as breaking a rule lol wut
There's another rule Scyrous: "Shitposting and Trolling: Your account will be banned if you keep this up. Repeatedly making inaccurate/false reports falls under this rule as well." but nala_alan and is still here. If you're so smart then respect all rules all the times and not only when it's convenient for you.
Thank you very much nImEHuntetD!
I didn't even know there's a BD of those now o.O
>There is no such thing as breaking a rule Uh... Nice meme?

nImEHuntetD (uploader)

![alt text](https://pics.me.me/sometimes-you-have-to-break-the-rules-to-do-something-3381138.png)
Hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣