[MK-SCY] Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Season 2 v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio]

2018-11-03 20:24 UTC
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--- XDCC: [Moody|Bot](https://animk.info/xdcc/?nick=Moody|Bot) || IRC: [#MK@irc.xertion.org](irc://irc.xertion.org/MK) || Random Website: [AniMK](https://animk.info/) || Discord: [Moodkilling](https://discord.gg/eHcPM5s) --- ##### Alternative: [1080p v3 version](https://nyaa.si/view/1089936) ## Attack on Titan Season 2 v3 | [Patch for 'v2'](https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o6T3zUqQ3Xey1AHReJPCBgXa_ffHXqWB) ![AoTS2](https://i.imgur.com/VBUquno.jpg?1) **Info:** Affiliated Groups: Moodkiller [MK], Scyrous [SCY], Beatrice-raws, LostYears, Winter File Extension: .mkv, h264 10-bit [Winter] **Video:** Source: Winter JPBD Codec: H264 10bit Resolution: 1280x720 Frame rate: 23.976 **Audio:** Source: Beatrice-raws (FLAC -> AAC), USBD Audio Track 1 (Default): 5.1Ch AAC English ~640kbps Audio Track 2: 2.0Ch AAC Japanese ~192kbps Audio Track 3: 2.0ch English Commentary (Episode 5 & 6) **Subtitles:** Source: LostYears Subtitle Track 1 (Default): Signs & Songs (.ass) Subtitle Track 2: Full Subtitles (.ass) [LostYears modified] **Notes:** This is a joint-project between Scyrous and myself. v3 version of the previous v2 that updates the subtitle tracks. Nothing more, just a batch release with some updates (dialogue styling and consistency with [SCY]'s Season 1 release). Patches to upgrade the previous v2 release can be found at the top of this post. ~Enjoy

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  • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan Season 2 v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio]
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 01v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][6A88DB57].mkv (1015.2 MiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 02v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][46310895].mkv (936.3 MiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 03v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][12F847D1].mkv (969.7 MiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 04v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][EE4DA7DA].mkv (983.0 MiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 05v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][2B19E6F8].mkv (1.3 GiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 06v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][12DF6CFB].mkv (1016.4 MiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 07v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][9F8D2F49].mkv (1.1 GiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 08v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][D9A76C67].mkv (969.7 MiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 09v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][935B1563].mkv (943.2 MiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 10v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][316C0DE9].mkv (1.1 GiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 11v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][E5F2AB0A].mkv (1.2 GiB)
    • [MK-SCY] Attack on Titan S2 - 12v3 [BD 720p][Hi10][Dual-Audio][6A49C20C].mkv (1002.9 MiB)
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