[KitchenSubs] Devidol - 01 [720p]

2018-10-31 14:04 UTC
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Happy Halloween! We present the first episode of Devidol, a spinoff (???) of KochinPa!. I spent way longer on this than I was planning to. Also I might put less effort into further episodes if I do them, since this isn't as fun to work on as most of the other shows I'm still working on. Nonetheless, here is the product of three days of work. The team this time around: Graze: TL, TS, Timing, Edit, Auto QC, Encode, OP/ED TL Tactics: OP/ED TL Raw is just standard from LeopardRaws with a real basic re-encode. Further episodes may be delayed until I'm free enough to use the more fun TL process. I certainly can't guarantee the meme concentration won't increase significantly from that point onwards. Hope you enjoy, feel free to leave any comments in the section below labelled "Comments - ".

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\>reencode of leopard raws
Thanks... its a flash anime... noooooooooo... awe well still watching it.. lol
this isn’t flash lol... it’s probably like 3ds max
Thank you.Please do the rest.
Nice job! You even did the ででででで! This is Hana's website, btw: https://devidol.com/shinrokibo/
Thanks guys! I hope you keep going.
Great job!! Hope to see more.
Thank you! I already had lost hope to someone translate this show.
Are you going to continue this.Please do.

AMCGrady (uploader)

@fenson, I actually basically finished the second ep last week, though I still have to move it over to my main computer, probably redo timing, add TS and run through QC, none of that should take too long after I actually start doing it. And yeah, we'll finish it (at least until Mahjong comes up), since it's not a very difficult series for the most part. =)
@AMCGrady ,Thank you so much.You don't have to go crazy like the first episode.You did a great job with the little details.
umm, well? Still waiting.


hopping on here with a new account just to say that your efforts are appreciated, and i also really hope you haven't dropped this. there isn't much i can do to help beyond provide this moral support that there are still people out there hoping to experience gdgd pachinko devils
Please bring back Jymmy. He'll finish the series in 2 days.
Please do more.
*Devidol!* was so good. Would love to get BD raws.

AMCGrady (uploader)

Guess I may as well say, I'm probably delaying this until Rakugo S1 isn't waiting on me. BDs are also delayed until April, so I'll be swapping to those if that lines up.
Take your time, and thank you for doing this!
Do you have a time table yet?

AMCGrady (uploader)

Maybe 4 weeks? I've been working 100+ hour weeks for a while now, so haven't really had the opportunity to work on it, but things are going to settle down for a little bit again soon, so I should be able to fit in a bit of TL around work.
Well, i guess this is not going forward.
Guess he worked himself to death.
Yes, it's very sad. Sometimes I feel as though I can still hear his voice saying "Keiichi desu, po!"
I guess no one else wants to give this a shot.
All this time and no-one translated this yet, huh. Such a shame, but i''m afraid the window for it to get picked up again is long gone.
@mangamerchant... I agree. I can't even find any more episodes subbed in any language.