Space Adventure Cobra subs to use for a potential blu ray project (QC and OCR wanted!)

2018-10-27 15:49 UTC
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Hi there This is an upload of the official subs of Space Adventure Cobra directly from my copy of the Nozomi DVD release. They have not been modified, however I am uploading them as i would like some help with converting them to the Blu-ray rips. If anyone is willing to help with QC or OCRing these to the Blu’s, please drop a note in the comments. :) I tried ripping the Crunchyroll subs but they are hardsubbed for some reason. OCRing is also very hard to do for a Mac user as we don't have any apps for that sorta thing, at least any that are reliable. EDIT: Sorry if the files are poorly organised haha, hope somebody can help. At the very least the episode numbers are correct. I am pretty ok at retiming, but I'm useless at OCR, so some help would be great.!6bAT3AbC!96owo-RcSI3tWZaAFu5dBQ Heres the .sup and .idx files on MEGA The idea of having good quality subs for Cobra + Blu ray video quality sounds rather nice, hopefully that comes to fruition.

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  • Cobra subs to use for a potential blu ray (7.9 MiB)
Subs I got from isubtitles.!C3JnGKwJ!xWztwXfSfQGnHPe7q4YvwniADDyZ-bI6Bqe_txOD2s4

H94 (uploader)

@NotSaber Those are from the ancient ILA release, so very inaccurate compared to the subs I uploaded. I hope I can find somebody who can help with OCRing them at some point.
OCRing idx/sub files is pretty easy, just use SubtitleEdit, it has a pretty good built in tool for it.

H94 (uploader)

@Hephaistos As I said, I'm on Mac. Unless I install Windows then its impossible.