[RATS] Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet - s01e03 [720p]

2018-10-27 01:48 UTC
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This show is like Romeo and Juliet, but you have to wait an entire week for Shakespeare's rats to re-write the script. RATS - Really Accurately Translated Subs Transleditor: rat Timer: rat Typesetter: giant rat Quality Check: rat (different rat)

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  • [RATS] Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet - s01e03 [720p].mkv (165.7 MiB)
please dont drop this ToT
Update please...
I'll try to keep it short. After episode 3, we were so exhausted that we went a few days without doing anything. We were going to try to catch up, but the logistics of getting anything out in a reasonable amount of time for future episodes seemed extremely daunting. Eventually we came to a consensus that we still liked fansubbing, but we weren't fast enough at it to keep up with anything currently airing. That being said, we haven't ruled out finishing Boarding School Juliet at a later date. I know this sounds cliche, but we're not dropping it, we're putting it on hold. The niche we're trying to fill is shows that we think would benefit vastly from having a good fansub, but for which we haven't been able to find one. This means we really want to focus on quality, which isn't possible for currently airing shows unless we spend every waking moment thinking about it. Perhaps more experience would help with this (we did just start out after all), but we all feel that we're incapable of subbing currently airing shows at the moment.