[RATS] Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan - s01e03 [720p]

2018-10-26 05:30 UTC
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Went a little higher effort on the song this time. Hope you enjoy! RATS - Really Accurately Translated Subs Translator: rat Timer: rat Typesetter: rat (different rat) Song Typesetting / Karaoke: giant rat Quality Check: giant rat

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  • [RATS] Okoshiyasu, Chitose-chan - s01e03 [720p].mkv (49.5 MiB)
Heya mate, are there any plans to continue this?
RIP. I'll miss you, Penguin.
@mutsuto Yes, we are planning on continuing this. We just got a little behind. To anyone who saw my comment for Boarding School Juliet, that doesn't apply to this show because it's short form so it doesn't actually take that long, even for amateurs like us.
Hmm, any plans on continuing this? It's been a month since your last confirmation :( @ratsratsweartherats
The Penguin ate the rat!
@Yasaal Sorry for the delayed response. The truth is we just plain forgot about it. We're not a "real" fansub group, after all (heck, we don't even have a website and I'd be very surprised if we had an anidb entry). Figuring the raws would go unseeded, we grabbed them while they were still hot, so theoretically we could finish the series. The stalling point here is the translation, which is by far the most involved step as there are no official sources to work with as far as I am aware. Thus, I can't promise anything, at least until I've talked to our translator to confirm interest and availability. In the mean time, if anyone else wants to take up the task of translating this, I'm currently seeding all the ohys raws (at least up to episode 22, which seems to be the most recent). Also feel free to just do your own release. I understand how frustrating it can be to wait for some unknown group to finish something. If anyone does make their own release, feel free to use our subs for episodes 2 and 3 as a starting point (credit us if you want, but we won't sue you if you don't).