[notcrunchy] Thunderbolt Fantasy S2 - 01 [97C26EF3].mkv

2018-10-22 20:42 UTC
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I probably messed up something somewhere. I won't be doing a batch with corrections, but if somebody else wants to, go ahead. Release notes: * This encode is 900p60. Not because the native resolution is 900p or anything like that; the reason is that 720p is kinda low and 1080p takes forever to encode, so 900p it is. Oh, and yes, it's 60 fps. (Not motion-interpolated 60 fps. This is *legitimate* 60 fps obtained by deinterlacing a TV broadcast.) * The video quality sucks because it's encoded from BS11. If you do a frame-by-frame comparison against CR, you'll find that (i) my encode has twice as many frames for obvious reasons; (ii) my encode has (much) less aliasing; (iii) in low-action scenes, CR has better detail preservation; (iv) in high-action scenes, CR breaks down completely due to their 8 Mbit/s bitrate cap. Since I'm doing a 60 fps encode, merging sources is not quite an option here. * I also included a Mandarin audio track. Note that it's much louder than the Japanese audio track, and also much lower quality. Also, the dialogue timing is different between the two dubs and the subtitles are timed to the Japanese dub, so if you want to watch it with the Mandarin dub, you might want to disable the subs. * Speaking of, the subs still use pinyin names. This is for consistency with Xythar's WatchableSubs releases for S1. * I messed up the timing, probably. The good thing is that it's only subtly messed up and you'd probably only notice it if you're a timer too, in which case, how about you retime the subs for me?

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>I messed up the timing, probably. smh