[Asenshi-GJM-PAS] SSSS.GRIDMAN - 02 [1BD47525].mkv

2018-10-20 01:05 UTC
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Dual track release. Default is without honorifics with language flag eng, second with honorifics with language flag enm https://asenshi.moe/ https://www.goodjobmedia.com/ https://pas.moe/ #pa-subs@irc.rizon.net #goodjob@irc.rizon.net #animesenshi@irc.rizon.net XDCC available in PAS and Asenshi’s IRC channel.

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  • [Asenshi-GJM-PAS] SSSS.GRIDMAN - 02 [1BD47525].mkv (337.3 MiB)
I fixed the tracks motbob! Love me again. ;_;
>Love me again. ;_; If there's one standard everyone uses, everyone wins! So it's not me that loves you, but rather anyone who's set enm as default.
just drop the second sub track instead of worrying about this tbh
I want eat Rikka so much @motbob You're making me in wish to remake my releases with "enm" on language sub tracks. This "enm" is default definition to subs with honorifics?
serious question why would all three groups get together to sub one show?
@AnonBaiter Memes.
@AnonBaiter I would assume it's because both GJM and Asenshi have other projects this season, so they lack the manpower to do it themselves.
> why would all three groups get together to sub one show? *Threesome > ashita asatte -> Today, Tomorrow. Nice meme.
I thought it was because I was like "lol who wants to sub gridman I TS'd the first ep for some reason" and then random people in the channel over the course of like two days chimed in "ok" and then for some reason when I was asleep they got together and started subbing it. and so they just all happened to be distributed across those groups or something.

PA-Subs (uploader)

@Kamyne for dual tracks, it is. @AnonBaiter, it's as govna says. People wanted to sub it and there's a Discord channel where fansubbers get together to make plans and chat and the team that was assembled just happened to be pulled from these three groups. I mean, there's technically lann who's part of Chyuu and govna, whose idea this all was, who's with uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... no idea but whatever. That said, a lot of times these days, fansubbing's so dead that groups don't have enough people to do the work themselves so they pull in fansubbers who aren't with them and just work under that tag. See: PAS's Piano no Mori, what would've been Starlight before deciding to slap on Chyuu's name on it at the last minute, plus probably some other things. We just decided to reflect the groups the people come from in the tag. ~~Also, yes, memes~~
Herkz is haunted by visions of honorifics and non-localized subtitles. I hope he gets well soon.
Who locked the comments section on GJM's Index? You must be pretty fun at parties!!! (T___T)
@PA-Subs I understand, thank you.
Wait a minute, disgusting weebs got their own sub track? Where is the world going?
^ You sound stupid when you often use the term weeb out of context. Go watch Nickelodeon or some other American Cartoon. Fansubbers have included honorifics often in the past as default and tried not to inject their trash ideas to the script or add extra profanity where there never was in the dialogue or try to be add their lame attempt at comedy to the script and fail again to where it don't belong, translating a character's name literally, etc, etc. It's lately that these new so-called fansubbers joining and dictating their disdain for the Japanese language and their culture and giving out their stale American Imitation cheese subs. I'll give it to some who try to genuinely improve the script so long as it remains faithful. Thanks to whomever took the time to include honorifics. @Kamyne The enm tag was never the default for honorifics. A group called "Underwater" chose that often and some of these new groups followed like a loyal puppy. It's up to you if you wanna give in to these whining casuals who hate the Japanese language and their culture.
@noZA_ The honorifics tag shouldn't be ENG in a multi-track release. ENM fits fine in that regard. The ENG/ENM flag split for multi-track releases has been that way for a long time. You'll see ENG for honorifics when it's the only subtitle track in a release. This is merely a player setup feature. It has no effect on the content of the subs themselves. And on another note, cut that garbage-ass attitude. Just because you like seeing Japanese terms and phrases in your subs, that doesn't make those who actually want to translate something entirely wrong for doing so. The reason y'all each get so much backlash on both sides of that so-called fence is because nobody knows how to compromise on their opinions. If you want to see a certain kind of release, become a fansubber and make it happen. Plenty of us will train newcomers. Believe it or not, we're actually not evil monsters who want to ruin everything. Lots of uneducated anime viewers who pretend to know Japanese just think we are. Don't forget that we're volunteers and that we're people who enjoy anime too, most of the time at least. What reason do we have to sub something for the sole purpose of "ruining" it?