GeGeGe no Kitaro 2007 - 001 [SkewedS] [AVC-10bit] (Softsubbed)

2018-10-14 22:26 UTC
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If you find our releases useful, kindly consider supporting us through: - Patreon - - PayPal - - Ko-Fi - ------ ![alt text]( Be sure to also check out the 2018 version from Crunchyroll. It's been [almost a decade]( since we released the hardsubbed v2 of this and finally, we can re-work on this again as Netflix Japan already has episodes 1-52 of this franchise's 2007 version that has Japanese captions! (Was lazy to rip it myself since there were too many but thanks to kitsunekko, who has uploaded all the Japanese captions so far). This is technically v3 but this is the first time it would be released in softsubs from us so I guess you wouldn't know the difference much. There were quite a lot of stuff that was altered and corrected with this current release since we don't have to translate by ear now. Though there are many things that the former translator of this episode, HyperZeronos (of the now defunct(?) Order of Zeronos) did translated right. Though things like the names of the main characters were changed like how CrunchyRoll is translating the names (though sorry, the translation to "Catchick" is too much, so translated it as "Catgirl"). We are in need of editors and quality checkers for this project. I, Ais, only need to translation check, edit, and QC eps 2-5 & 7 and release them. Have to work on ep6 almost from scratch since I can't seem to find the translations even of that episode. Was surprised ep7 is almost done when the episode before that is. Anyway, if you are interested in editing or qc'ng this title, kindly email us at Let's hope for the best that we'll get to finish around this time. Though rest assured, until episode 52, since there are Japanese captions, is much less painful to work on and can be guaranteed that we will get to work on them. The weekly yokai for this first episode of the 2007 series is a Suiko / Water Tiger. You can read more about it [here at]( **Softsubbed FWVGA AVC 10-bit - [Mega](!VHJRSSKK!QRZ5Z9RSZgEhzK9d031dwhhB1aJVK-lrzAR9tLpjb7s) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:a861be2e32ad79e7dfa13ca45022cc2900db2b7f&dn=GeGeGe%20no%20Kitaro%202007%20-%20001%20%5BSkewedS%5D%20%5BAVC-10bit%5D%20%28Softsubbed%29& Softsubbed FWVGA HEVC 10-bit - [Mega](!BHgmAYxT!hrFMote9rd9aVbtf0w87o9ygb_vSqIYKw7YL6YHybcg) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:d26cbf069b7aea8d2106d65dd0709e495339be68&dn=GeGeGe%20no%20Kitaro%202007%20-%20001%20%5BSkewedS%5D%20%5BHEVC-10bit%5D%20%28Softsubbed%29& Hardsubbed FWVGA AVC 8-bit / Stream - [Mega](!caYTXKra!hqXwir8dAhcHu8Ozcg3aRdrM-V3dA6-1PJxCq0uXaZs) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3e68e207b8618034a3f177ded2c3a38d38f5854d&dn=GeGeGe%20no%20Kitaro%202007%20-%20001%20%5BSkewedS%5D%20%5BAVC-8bit%5D%20%28Hardsubbed%29& Softsub Script - [MediaFire]( xDelta3 Patch (of the Conan06 raw with CRC32 [FB0FB699]) - [MediaFire]( xDelta3 Patch (of the Enchibi raw with CRC32 [CEC74AB3]) - [MediaFire](**

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  • GeGeGe_no_Kitaro_2007_-_001_[SkewedS][FWVGA][AVC-10bit][8B1ABF03].mkv (216.1 MiB)
oh nice! the older gegege seasons are already kinda hard to find (not counting the ngn rips from the 85 season) and now this :D


Fantastic, great to see the older versions getting exposure. Dropped you guys an email to see if I could help with certain things. Planning on subbing the side story film at some point? I know that one has a rip, but with unintelligible HK subs.
45 episodes of the 2007 vers.are already fansubbed i believe their on kissanime


@SleepingForest Those are probably HK subs if Im not mistaken
@H94 No somebody was fansubbing them on the side and was uploading them to kissanime


@SleepingForest Ah, must have gotten dropped then.
>2007 >posts 2018 image
Please post 2007 image next time...


@H94 - will check your email and reply in a bit. Thanks! @SleepingForest - I personally didn't know. Though as expected, eps1-5 were from us (and ep19 was done by another group) which where almost a decade ago). I'll probably ask around if it's better if we just continue where s/he left off - but it's a bit against my principle to vulture in fansubs. But then again, the fansubber ( last updated his/her fansub of the series last August 18, 2018 ( As per some rules we follow in JDrama fansub community (which is more or less our main community), we'll wait until around November 18, 2018 or December 18, 2018 if ever nis_aihara will continue and if we will ever continue from where s/he left off. Until then, we will most likely release from ep2 (though ep2-5+7 can mostly be said to be done, just needs to be retimed and corrected with our current standards). That is all a big "maybe" though. (But then again, s/he also vultured from our releases XD ) @TroublingThings, @BlazeBlazer - Heh. Was pimping the 2018 version if you read carefully the caption of the image. Will most likely post the yokai of the week next time.
Thanks bro this is rare. You are roocks!