[Kuraze] Neo Tokyo - Manie-Manie ~Meikyuu Monogatari~ (1080p H264 Hi10p AC3 Chap)

2018-10-13 00:59 UTC
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[**Series information**](https://anidb.net/a713) **Source(s):** HDTV, R1 DVD **Video:** 1920x1036 (1.85:1 DAR) / H264 10-Bit *(~11.2 Mbps)* / 23.976fps / Chapters *[HQR]* **Audio:** Japanese & English / 2ch AC3 *(224 kbps)* *[A-FanRips]* **Subtitles:** English / Signs & Songs Only ASS *[A-FanRips]* [**Encode Comparison**](https://diff.pics/qbmUJ1UpGL70/1) **Notes:** This release combines the 1080p broadcast encode by *HQR* with DVD audio tracks and styled subs by *A-FanRips* synced and retimed by me. This is probably the best this film will look until a BD is released.

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  • [Kuraze] Neo Tokyo - Manie-Manie ~Meikyuu Monogatari~ (D-KIDS 1920x1036 H264 Hi10p AC3 Chap) [DC38A5F2].mkv (4.0 GiB)


Good stuff, forgot that this had a HD version. Some of the best animation you'll ever see from the Bubble Economy Era. If only the Bubble didn't burst!

Kuraze (uploader)

@H94 Yes, an extraordinary amount of the film was animated *on ones* so the motion is fantastic, notably the segment *The Running Man*.
Unfortunately given the history of anime that was previously released dvd only getting Blu-ray releases.... the chances are extremely likely they'd DNR and warp the Blu-ray if they ever did one. Hell even the famous Ghost in the Shell movie has an HDTV broadcast that is vastly superior to it's Blu-ray release, and still better than even the most recent 4K Remaster.
Now that you mention it, I don't think I've ever seen what GitS looks like on DVD.


@type17_RAIDEN My only experience of GiTS on DVD was the very poor transfer by Mangle Entertainment, aka Manga, which is a pan and scan transfer that has gigantic black bars surrounding the picture, which was as rubbish as it sounds. When i saw it for the second time I saw the Blu-ray and I thought it looked incredible. I'll have to seek out the 4k one down the road. @Kuraze That does sound plausible. That explosion must have taken quite a while to get done, but the results are staggeringly beautiful.


Could you please retime the audio and subs for Hi no Tori 2772. Theres a copy on AB but with terrible audio quality.
Thanks for this rare stuff!!
Thanks for this. i wish they would have put some kind of music on the Running man. @type17_RAIDEN @H94 Ghost in the Shell didn't looked impressive on DVD. The transfert was verrry soft (at least on the R2J). The bluray is too soft too. (compare it to Patlabor 2 bdr...). And GiTS 2.0 is an eyesore. Why ruin the animators work. The 4K "remaster" is indeed DNR and "warpsharped" (if you have eye for this, the picture looks "wrong"). The old HDTV rip seems to have more details than the bluray (and is also my favorite presentation) but has poor bitrate and edge enhancement. I have lost all hope. Because the studio think theirs "remastering" process (which they are using on many anime) is awesome. The 4K transfert would probably look awesome without filtering. I got some ep of Saint Seiya recently. They look warpsharped too. painful. For Akira they really went the opposite way, really raw.
Im at 98.8%. Can someone help a brother out?
thanks for sharing!
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