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2018-10-12 17:34 UTC
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Sub file DDL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/76b45594av7ic5q/%5BVentoFisso%5D_JoJo%27s_Bizarre_Adventure_-_Golden_Wind_02.ass/file Based off HorribleSubs, edited to correct any names that were changed for trademark purposes.

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  • [VentoFisso] JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind 02.mkv (566.9 MiB)
Since there are so many leechers, here's how to add the Sub file to any of the other uploads: Download this: https://www.videohelp.com/software/MKVToolNix At the bottom of the program, click 'Add source file', add both the MKV and the Sub file from the description, disable the old subs if they had any, then click 'Start Multiplexing' No More Zipper Man.
there's tons of seeders but nothing is connectable
Do you have like a repository for your other parts stuff?


I am also interested in other stuff by your release crazydiamond. Especially if you have subtitles for Part 3 which have correct stand names and references but do not spell Avdol's name Abdul. That spelling used in Some-Stuffs version is INCORRECT.
"Avdol" is incorrect. "Avdul" is the most literally accurate, but that's not a real name.


Well it might not be real name but translating him as Abdul is even more incorrect when looking his katakana than Avdol. Also since Abdul is given name and not protected by copyright, why would he never be named this in any official localized product be it game, manga or anime if thats what Araki had in mind? I prefer Avdol/Avdul since its more unique even if not "real name"
@OCG They also changed Bruford to "Blueford" despite Bruford being an actual name. And Avdol is pretty much exactly as inaccurate to the katakana as Abdul is. His name is spelt アヴドゥル (Avuduru) in Japanese, while Avdol would be アヴドル (Avudoru) and Abdul would be アブドゥル (Abuduru). They both have one sound changed, and the V sound doesn't exist in Arabic (although there is an Arabic character for it, ڤ, that is only used for foreign names and loanwords). ヴ (vu) is also (as I've been told by Japanese-speaking friends) used sometimes in Japanese in place of a very light or quick B sound, which could very well be the case here. So Abdul is either equally inaccurate to the Japanese or is exactly what Araki originally intended. Either way, getting pissy over someone using Abdul over Avdol is incredibly autistic behavior, especially since Abdul is more likely to be what Araki intended.
did they like... forget to actually seed this or something?
Is this 1080p or 720p?


Size would suggest 720p

crazydiamond (uploader)

Hey so, something's been going on with my end on getting things to seed properly. I thought I had gotten it running but apparently not. This almost happened last week but I managed to get it going after a while and I thought I had avoided the same problem this time, but apparently not. I'm at least glad I had to DDL for people to fall back on, but regardless messing up an upload for this long was my worst fear since starting this project with Part 4 and I will make sure this doesn't happen again next week. My sincerest apologies for the mistake. It should be seeding now.