2018-10-06 20:51 UTC
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Found a couple critical errors just after release. Sorry about that! Gyro: Quality Check, Typesetting, Timing Toni: Editing, Release Check Lord Starfish: Translation Check Special Thanks: ExWizzard, Toa of Gallifrey, Phylo606

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Jojo's_Bizarre_Adventure_Golden_Wind_01_v2_[01945DD0].mkv (514.6 MiB)
ECHOES, ACT 2 wait he's not in this one
Anime is doomed.
You went with "Buccellati" instead of "Bucciarati"? That's my only complaint. Glad to see you back at it.
@Jeeves We decided to go with Buccellati since it's an actual food item (Like the names for the rest of the main cast in Golden Wind) and an actual Italian word. Bucciarati isn't Italian and doesn't mean anything.

Fadeout4 (uploader)

@Jeeves Buccellati is his actual name. Crunchyroll and other officially translated media such as All Star Battle and Eyes of Heaven were required to change it to avoid getting sued. Buccellati is the name of an Italian jewelry store that could threaten to sue (and a cookie, as Toni pointed out). Just like we change Reverb and Golden Wind to Echoes and Gold Experience, we also revert changes to character names that were censored in this way.
@Toa he her too mi dude.....just not much role that it.
@Toa he is here too mi dude.....just not much role that it.
Gah saw Some-Stuffs thought anime was saved with a new episode of Pokemon... but it was just Jojo
@Xenaca Don't worry! Pokemon is coming back really soon. Either Sunday or Monday (Lord Starfish could tell you which). We have more than enough people to do both series without delaying either.
The new episode of Pokémon hasn't AIRED yet, though... Or, well, I think it's about to start in just a few minutes. So expect that in roughly twelve hours.
Nice! Glad to see such a quick turnaround on this episode. Thanks!
Toni: Was reading the comments until I read "More than enough people..." to remember the forgotten One Piece by Yibis. Anyway, thanks for doing JoJo.
drifters when?
We've halted work on Drifters for the foreseeable future. We will announce when we resume working on it.
Amazing stuff!!! I can't wait for you guys to do the BD's next year or so. Will continue to seed for sure!!
Wow thanks. Alot. Finally a quality release
@someguy88 Gyro (Fadeout4) is working on Jojo and our QC for Drifters doesn't have time for it anymore. We will eventually finish it, but I don't know when.
thanks for still subbing Jojo's, loved your subs from part1 to part4!
Why does Crunchyroll worry about being sued when the producers of the show don't?