[HorribleSubs] Goblin Slayer - 01 [720p].mkv

2018-10-06 16:32 UTC
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  • [HorribleSubs] Goblin Slayer - 01 [720p].mkv (401.4 MiB)
thanks admin Friday we got JoJo Saturday we got Goblin Slayer Best Season of the year
Wonder how censored this will be? 🤔
As much censor as Ninja Slayer had.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
##### > hope on HS
Thanks a lot! :D
> thanks admin WHAT THE FUCK!?
GS>>>>>>Faggito and his harem
jojo just for anyone love gayism
Should i watch this or better to wait for the blu-ray?
based on the description ... boooooooorrrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnng
Wait, this is not sukebei, right? Also, another OP MC but this time killing 100 goblins per day til you're eyes glows red makes you strong AF.
Glad to be alive. We get goblin rape in the 1st episode.. spoiling us.
wasn't expecting this to be made into an anime.... lol. I'm guessing all the rape will be censored out.
Really good anime, the light novel and manga are excellent too. Great first episode.
There was a hella lotta rape in the manga... I'd not afraid to admit that was the reason why I picked it up. I'm very much into snuff, gore and monster rape stuff.
Nice! I wasn't disappointed with this anime adaptation. The light novel is still better but this is good as well.
loved the LN, loved the Manga, hope I feel as strongly for the anime adaptation thanks for the upload
well a dark fantasy story seem need BD version for uncensored it some how.
all hail to the meat grinder....
this is what happen on dragon quest player play dark souls series on their day 1..............................GET REKT !
wow goblin slayer getting that anime so soon Best season of the year INC
wtf is with all the goblin rape jesus
Damn this shit is graphic!! couldnt really tell it was censored....not that i'm complaining one bit. I did not expect this anime to be this good! one of the best so far this season!
Never read the manga, but I heard it was pretty good. Excited to watch this!
Funny that MAL considers this anime to be 13+ xD
This is why you shouldn’t welcome Goblins into your country.
so i never heard about this before but cute characters on the cover yayyy but then the opening scene was like waaait a second and then it went down to grime alley real fast. deff not the danmachi konosuba line i expected
> This is why you shouldn’t welcome Goblins into your country. oh hey i never realized we have that in our world. you sure don't mean certain humans are equivalent to them because then you would be trash but ofc that's impossible
el goblino... oh dios mio...
"Even if there was a good goblin?" my ass, u b**ch ran away leaving ur party and just say sorry-sorry
goblins => j*ws XD
@Darsh: go waste yourself...