Chihayafuru -Musubi- (DVDRip) [SkewedS-Raw] [FWVGA]

2018-10-05 13:49 UTC
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English Subtitles - Raws Mega Download Link -!pcwzkCJI!Vcg7M2c0jkYAJLG2_HqajPp1_-7Ge_c_eSsWwOztTOs ------ If you find our releases useful, kindly consider supporting us through: - Patreon - - PayPal - - Ko-Fi - ------ We are in dire need of pre-timers interested in pre-timing the Chihayafuru Blu-Ray extras in Kami no Ku, Shimo no Ku, Tsunagu, and Musubi. If you are interested and can help, kindly email us at ------ ![alt text](

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  • Chihayafuru_-Musubi-_[SkewedS-Raw][FWVGA][3CD98A47].mp4 (961.1 MiB)
Thanks guys, is this final with external subs as is or are you gonna mux subs for final release? Are you gonna do 720p bdrip? If so what's gonna be size? Bloated huge File? Also what about tsunagu?
Blu ray please! thanks


@RyakiT: There would be muxed subtitles in the final version. There will going to be softsubbed 1080p, 720p and hardsubbed 480p. I don't know what the size would be yet. Tsunagu will also, hopefully be in softsubbed FHD, HD and hardsubbed FWVGA. I still haven't got my copy of the Deluxe Blu-Ray box yet. @Nicholin: Next time. Will take a while though since we plan to release from the beginning, Kami no Ku. Better wait for faster raw providers like WiKi for Musubi.
This release is defective. Not easy to find a player that can play it. I tried: - latest SMPlayer (mpv) and get an error "file not recognized", - latest VLC but VLC can only load the video no audio, - SMPlayer (mplayer) and around 1:41 (Chihaya and Wagatsuma disputing card), it just looped for eternity. Anyway thanks for the hard works @Ais and @TL-SkewedS! I now try to download this one "Chihayafuru Part 1-3 (2016-2018) 720p BluRay", hope it works flawlessly. But the seeds are so low :(
Sorry, I retracted my previous comment... I download the torrent on my smartphone and it was completed and I copy it to my PC... After hours of trying fix it using Avidemux, mkvtoolnix, and so on... I try to recheck the file with Bittorrent client on my PC... Turns out it reads as 99.9... incomplete! How can it be? It was 100% completed on my smartphone! So I try to complete the download and try to play the file again, and magically it now playable on SMPlayer (mpv)! Sorry guys! :)