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2018-10-04 20:42 UTC
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![alt text]( "Kienai Detective Conan 435-436") ### Detective Conan Episodes 435-436 Video: H.264 480p (DVD) Audio: AAC Subtitles: Kienai (Full ASS Softsub) Chapters: Included It's been way too long since our last TV episode release with 665-667 back in 2012, but we are finally here again with episodes 435-436! You may be asking why we bothered to subtitle these episodes, when they've already been subtitled long ago. We knew long ago that anfs releases were terrible, but through Licca, we've found that KnKF, Neg, anfs, HnI, Baka-Gaijin, Yami, Kaizou (the group who originally subtitled these two episodes 12 years ago), and some others are also riddled with subtitles that are filled with mistakes, have parts they just made up rather than actually translating, and parts they didn’t even bother subbing at all. This is why we, along with Baaro and M-L, are going to be working on slowly but surely knocking out the large quantity of poor-quality subtitles. Look forward to more coming in the future! Detailed dialogue timing, translating, editing, karaoke timing and effects for the opening theme, and typesetting was done by myself (jmaeshawn). I'd also like to thank: Licca for initial timing, transcription of the manga 435 was based off of, styling of the intro dialogue, and QC for both episodes. Puto (of The Moonlighters) for encoding both episodes, editing out the Japanese character cards, as well as QC. Kaitoukidsama for the initial karaoke for the ending theme (to which I added some minor tweaks.) Lyswh for the incredible de-texting of the video for the opening theme. SakoeraTyan (of The Moonlighters) for providing the B'z logo font. Mamo-chan for QC. Our next release will be Movie 22, but since we're still waiting on the Blu-ray to arrive, we'll be helping out with some resubs that M-L and Baaro are working on in the meantime, so look forward to those, and we'll be back later with the movie!

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Thanks and keep up the good work!
Thanks for this upload.
To put a more tempered spin on the original post, back when all these groups were subbing Conan, you had some big holes in the subs - some of which didn't get completely filled until Puto showed up a few years later - and you had a few groups who were willing to fill those holes, and were trying not to step on each other's toes because nobody wants to waste time subbing that many episodes for nothing, so eventually the groups coordinated with each other, "this group will do these episodes, we'll do these, you do these", like... and they plowed through the missing episodes. But when I say they plowed through them, they really *plowed through* them. There's a lot of quickies and in some cases, especially anime-only parts of certain of Kaizou's episodes, people who were probably not the translators they let themselves on to be would actually take some random scanlation and then completely bluff the rest, leading to some serious howlers like "Never underestimate the power of deduction - its limits rely on the wielder" for "A strong heart and the power of deduction - a sharp rhythm gets to the root of its true nature". The old sub of these eps was like that. The old sub of 219, before M-L redid it, was even worse. And let's not get into some of the howlers AnimeNoobs had in their subs. But it took people who actually knew some degree of Japanese to see this - AnimeNoobs was obvious because their editing was terrible, but these other groups' subs actually *read like English*, so that was enough for most of us, but when I watched them, they really made me twitch. That's why about 5 years ago I started doing resubs by myself, so as not to load Puto and bluesun with every episode I thought was crap - and believe it, there were MANY.
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1 hour 22 minutes 3 seconds ago (edited) It seems Crunchyroll and the like have spoiled you all. First of all, despite how quick subbed releases are generally available nowadays, you should not expect a good quality release of anything the same day it came out unless the person translating it got the episode in advance the way Crunchyroll and other official licensors like Funimation do. Secondly, the person above who said they hope that the anon who did the first season would do the second season too should reconsider, because as a translator I can say that anon’s subs were terrible and full of mistakes. (Although they were actually more accurate in some places than even the official Netflix subs.) Thirdly, asking “Any groups even mention the possibly of subbing?” shows you all should read the release posts when a group releases something. Because SonicBoom specifically said that they’d be working on season 2 once the BDs are out. Those things said, I’m looking forward to seeing this second season. I’ve already read all 10 volumes of the manga, so it’ll be exciting to see it animated. (Though the fact that it’s only 9 episodes long with about 4 1/2 to 5 volumes of material left makes me a little concerned about the pacing.)