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2018-10-01 21:20 UTC
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Thank you all for waiting so patiently for this episode. Once I got back from my trip, I had a lot more to do than expected. I'm still catching up on my help with Juushinki Pandora under Anonyneko, plus there's my Aikatsu Friends Virtual YouTuber joints with Mezashite... While this episode is not the *exact* midpoint of this series, it is definitely the midseason finale, and it also brings the first half of the first half of the show to a close. This is the end of a relatively lengthy Hamburger-Rice Ball Kingdom war subplot, though the Sacred Bond arc continues up until 49. After that, who knows what'll happen? I'm still watching this show as I go along, so I mean it when I say I have no idea what wonders await us next! And hey, let me be real for a minute here: While I've technically been doing fansubbing since we started SquareSubs to do Medarot, it was only this past year and thanks to this show that I moved away from doing editing and became a translator of my own accord... I obviously couldn't have done it without SquareAnon's seemingly neverending patience for me, Greg's eventual joining us as editor, and you, the viewers. I take a lot of pride in my translation choices, localisation, editing, and timing, but the learning experience this show has provided me with have been totally invaluable. I'm still not the most efficient typesetter on the block, and I'd be the first to admit I know virtually nothing about encoding, but I still know a hell of a lot more about fansubbing and translating than I did this time last year. So thank you for watching up until now, and I hope you'll stick around for the next half. We can only go up from here. ^ ^ / --- **TOEI ALL-STAR TEAM** Screenplay: Takashi Yamada Art Directors: Yuki Yukie, Hiromitsu Shiozaki Animation Director: Hiroyuki Kawano Episode Director/Storyboard: Junichi Satou --- I recommend [mpv](https://mpv.io/) for playback. Twitter: [Me](https://twitter.com/maxdotine) / [SquareAnon](https://twitter.com/SquareAnon) Donate to me: [PayPal](https://paypal.me/maxdotine) / BTC@1Ax8o7TH2nVKE1ZJwYsBpbTFQKXJR4VKJ3

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  • [SquareSubs] Yume no Crayon Oukoku - 32.mkv (153.8 MiB)
thanks for all the hard work comrade
Thanks for the release. I'm glad fansubbing is going well for you and the people helping you.
Thank you for the translation.