[Mites] Overlord S3 - 12 [1080p, 60FPS, x265, aac].mkv

2018-09-25 19:05 UTC
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v2: [Link](https://nyaa.si/view/1078875 ) Outdated. Overlord Season 3 Episode: 12 Video- Codec: H265 Bitdepth: 8 Encoder: x265 resolution: 1920x1080 Framerate: 60 Audio- Codec: AAC Language: Japanese Subtitles: English encoded to x265 8bit @ 60fps using interpolation. Translated french subs to english. Original source by: Retard

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  • [Mites] Overlord S3 - 12 [1080p, 60FPS, x265, aac].mkv (428.0 MiB)
Yay 60fps save Overlord for this time :3
why would you make it 60 fps? It's like cropping 4:3 to 16:9 and calling it HD. awful


just some shit
ill just extract the sub and play with the original 30fps

Mites (uploader)



@Mites 24000/1001*
hows the sub quality?
subs aren't the best but you can understand it well enough to know what's going on :* I DON'T WANT TO WAIT ANOTHER WEEK
@mites, 24fps then, thanks for the subs anyway.
@mites MVP of the season
kill this 60fps shit.
aaaa why 60 fps? my laptop can't handle it! sh*t!

Mites (uploader)

@whiskas Don't use vlc use media classic player, even bad laptops can play that with ease.
@Mites Yeah probably it's vlc can't handle it. Thank you for your advice
60fps looks so weird O_O
>shit af ugly horrible CGI >60 fps is this cancer?
Why the hell need to do this in fake 60fps? Its just fucking unnatural and ugly... At least there is another release ...
Why is everyone shitting about 60fps?.If u don't want then get hell out of here.I like u r aot 60fps keep up the good work @mites
because it's fucking disgusting
nah wheres the 144fps? do I need to start competing here now? I'll take it a step further and just go 244fps. For Viewing pleasure.
Subs are shit bruh Might also want to check for artifacting Also how are people complaining about 60FPS when there are another half dozen releases?

Mites (uploader)

@fredthefaillord I know, since it's plainly translated from french fansubs. The video source wasn't that good. which probably caused some artifacts to appear. Btw they complain since there was nothing else at the moment and people are impatient. so they check other sources like me, and talk shit since it's not what they were looking for. :P

Mites (uploader)

@indriq Because I want to.

Mites (uploader)

@bingewatcher Thanks.

Mites (uploader)

@ArcAngelRyse I hope you didn't actually buy a rtx card.
Yeah, I had extra cash to throw around so I had my bud get me a 2080ti. just for its weird new but otherwise taxing features. :P With almost minimal gain on 1080p but high gains on 4K which is worth it only if I intend to do not so conventional use. Btw this is what I would call an upgrade for video performance. Worth it just to play around with its RTX features and tensor cores. Just need software that actually uses it or figure out how to test it in some game engine. @Mites Coming from a titan xp user... :P
Plus I can always overclock it for some more gain in performance. Mod the card and take off the limiter on power/voltages and slap on a custom cooler wham. Got myself something.