[Artsuki] Welcome to Japari Park - 02 [Web720p]

2018-09-18 15:49 UTC
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Welcome to Japari Park is a short series by Director Kasugamori Haruki, it operates on the original game world line and explores some of the lore of the original series. The series is a fun, fairly typical web series and explores many aspects of the lore which we haven’t seen too much of in the main Kemono Friends anime. I've ended up very busy with work, but due to some connection problems introducing some fairly extreme latency, I was able to find some time for this. The third episode probably won't be all that far off, all going as expected. Then I might be able to return to on-schedule by about the fifth episode or so. I also saw the new trailer for Kemono Friends 2, and though it looked quite different to what I was expecting and I'd love to see Tatsuki's Kemono Friends 2 even more, I'm looking forward to it and hope it's every bit as fun as the first series (and I've been enjoying where this one's going, so I do have some hope). I'd also like to dig into Tatsuki's new hobby work at some point too, but might not get to that real soon. =) Thanks to Piroket-Raws for the raw. Same pretty basic h264 re-encode as always. The team behind this episode were: Graze: TL, TS, Edit, Timing, QC, Encode Tactics: Complacent Friend jymmy: Bellicose Friend Hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to leave any questions, comments, concerns in the comments section below.

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AMCGrady (uploader)

Dunno who'd check this page, but may as well say, next three eps should be out as soon as my second Friend gets around to watching them. =)
@AMCGrady (uploader) Thanks for the update -- looking forward to them!
We're already beaten by the non-english subs, only thing worse is being beaten by those discordians.
@Seedmanc Crunchyroll licensed this series for countries outside Asia, although two months and six episodes late, so the Spanish subs were ripped from Crunchyroll by PuyaSubs and I do not know why Horrible Subs and Erai raws have not done their job ripping the English subs from Crunchyroll, you could contact one of them or both to solve the problem. Now the question is: will Artsuki continue with the English translation project?

AMCGrady (uploader)

@principeinquisidor That's probably good news, CR video is much easier to grab than Anitele. Though yep, I'll keep working on this project, I've been wanting to work on a Kemono Friends project for a while so I'll be sticking with it. (I actually also finished a draft set of subtitles for the stage play almost a year ago, but I don't hold the reins on that one and it hasn't made it to release yet)
@AMCGrady which stage play? The very first one had one set of subs fully finished and the older one 80% done with my poor attempt at the remaining 20. But there were other plays done since then with no subs. More importantly, the recent Safari Drive album had another CD drama in it, second since Japari Cafe. Would you mind translating that one? It's the closest we can get to official canon stories.

AMCGrady (uploader)

@Seedmanc, Yeah, just the first stage play, I finished the draft set just before Christmas/Comiket last year with a few days of work, so I was bugging them for about 6 months to work on it before the other set came out. I prefer video material, but if I get through all my other projects I probably could (though I don't know what channels those typically utilise either).