[RevueStoplight] Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight - 10 (v2)

2018-09-16 14:53 UTC
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[Version 2: Fixed a few errors that were still remaining that infuriated me upon rewatch.] I can’t believe I had to do this for another episode but the official release was so bad I just had to do a quick fix. I removed all the double (and triple) French subtitles that Sentai put in, added (most) song lyrics, corrected some general grammar errors I noticed, fixed some spelling, change name orders, restored honorifics and just made the overall experience slightly less depressing. The second verse of the song is not translated because it differs from the regular version of the song that lyrics are available for. Sorry about that. Anyway, great episode! Hopefully this holds people over until the good fan subbers come around. Subs are made to match with the [HorribleSubs] .mkv release. The translated lyrics for Star Divine come from Revue Starlight International (Seiyuuri) here: https://revuestarlight-en.net/2018/03/31/lyrics-star-divine/

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\>fixing garbage when already three other fansub groups are doing it

andrearitsu (uploader)

StarlightSubs have stopped to focus on the musical, Chyuu-PAS have had delays and take longer in general, ACSS hasn't even released episode 9 yet. This is just a quick solution for those who want to watch it without having to wait.
Yes, because FlySubs doesn't exist of course
@Flygoniq They don't count, memesubs are cancer.
Memesubs are an alternate track, retard.
@Komi028 I don't give a fuck if they're an alternate track, they shouldn't be there in the first place, memesubs are CANCER and only autistic fucks like them. Also, their transltation is shit compared to ACSS and Chyuu-PAS. You're more than free to keep sucking their dick though.