[DragsterPS] Bleach (Live Action) [1080p] [Multi-Audio] [Multi-Subs] [v2]

2018-09-14 11:52 UTC
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9.2 GiB
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**Video resolution:** 1920x1080 (WEB-DL) **Audio format:** EAC3 5.1 640 kb/s **Subtitle format:** SubRip (.srt) **Audio list:** Castilian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese and Japanese (Audio Description) **Subtitles list:** English, Castilian, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Russian, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Romanian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional) and Japanese [SDH] **MediaInfo:** https://paste.ee/r/URsWC **Screenshots:** https://imgur.com/a/W023zop **Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/pAXmg95** Do you want to help us? Please submit your application here: http://bit.ly/DPSSurvey

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  • [DragsterPS] Bleach [1080p] [Multi-Audio] [Multi-Subs] [7165E3EF].mkv (9.2 GiB)
First here. Thanks a lot!
can u just give me a direct link a japanese audio pls? i already download before this up :(
anybody know where to get the japanese audio?

DragsterPS (uploader)

It's included in this version
the Japanese audio is already included in the video along with more audios files and subtitles, just search for it
this is what I call Multi sub Thanks anyway~
do you have english dub audio?
Song lyrics: “all you’ve got to do is drink all your milk” 😂
there is no JP audio, the 720 is ok though

DragsterPS (uploader)

theigloo23 if you look at the description of the torrents you'll see a list of the dubs and subs included, the mediainfo and some screenshots. By checking the mediainfo or the audio list you'll see that the Japanese and Japanese (Audio Description) are included...
thanks DragsterPS I see what you mean however with my media player VLC the option for JP is not there in both the audio select list and in the media info window. regardless I am watching the 720 now and its fine, so thanks for the up. Must be a bug with my player https://ibb.co/jCyZ2K
theigloo23, did you download it before the v2 came out as thats probably why you don't have the option.
dban yep [SOLVED] :)
I'm actually interested to see this. Cheers.
Wacht it on Netflix, love it so want to add it to my collection Thanks!
Im using MPC and its forced to play in spanish audio and subs . I cant change it when i scroll over to audio and subtitle .
Gonna make a v3 with the English Dub?

DragsterPS (uploader)

We'll do it as soon as possible