2018-09-13 21:06 UTC
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Translation/Typesetting: Lord Starfish Editing: CaseyJones Timing: BYH Heads up: The anime is taking a two-week break after this, followed by a timeslot change to Sundays. Episode 91 will air on the 7th of October.

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  • [Some-Stuffs]_Pocket_Monsters_Sun_&_Moon_90_[0425B5DC].mkv (468.8 MiB)
Obligatory "Anime is saved" comment.
Saved is anime
Did PM dropped SM since you guys are subbing?
Thanks a lot, guys!
@RyzakiT No! Staff just got busy with life and so is unable to work on the sub on a weekly base. Also Sun&Moon itself doesn't give too much motivation to work on. There was a huge drop in download numbers with this anime, so people clearly don't like it. The sub would have never been terminated just because they wanted it to. It actually has never been officially dropped. It's just the workforce that's sadly missing right now. It also doesn't matter to PM if someone else does a sub. PM puts more work into it, ignores delays, while Some-Stuff wants to have the episodes out as soon as possible for those who don't want to wait. Both ways are OK, it's the people who choose. And right now they are the only ones who sub (want to sub) Sun&Moon.
Thou hast saved anime 90 times already!
No, we only started with episode 27...
Yeah, I want NET version episode 01~26 too.

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

@komene You don't need to ask us for that, as that's been available since long before we started: https://nyaa.si/view/923673
Pokemon is saved!!! even with the time off and air time change
@Lord_Starfish Oh! sorry. that is good info. I do not know that torrent. and, Does anyone can re-seed this pokemon SUN MOON torrent? https://nyaa.si/view/923673
Are you using Hulu rips for all your sun moon releases?
Also could you make a huge batch when you cross ep 100?
Can you guys sub original Pocket monsters or GS?

Lord_Starfish (uploader)

Okay, just to answer all those questions as quickly as possible: -Yes, we use webrips, though I'm not entirely sure WHERE we get them from as I'm not the one ripping them, -We might do a batch eventually, but it'll probably be after Sun & Moon ends. The only real benefit I can see to doing one at episode 100 is correcting the file numbering so as to avoid any potential mix-ups with file names. -We have no plans of subbing anything pre-Sun & Moon at the moment, other than maybe some movies.
Thanks for the info, I have yet to start watching SM, since earlier eps are out of seeds, it'd have been nice if you decided to make a batch.
anyone Plz seed this torrent. https://nyaa.si/view/923673