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2018-09-11 23:29 UTC
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Here's a mini-release, a music video of Coconna's insert song that Ametuchi and I were working on a few years ago, but never got around to releasing. I don't remember which episode this originally aired in, but this version with the on-screen lyrics was taken from the second compilation video, "Highlights of the A. T. Votoms." In the 1980s it became common practice for Nippon Sunrise to release compilation videos of their anime series, and if those compilations sold well, they might follow them up with brand new animated OVAs. It looks like we'll be saying goodbye to my favorite translator Ametuchi for a little while as well, as her real-life adventures will be keeping her too busy to spend much time on this little subtitling hobby. Many thanks for all of the projects we've worked together on in the past, and I hope we can work together again in the future. Of course this leaves open the question of how to proceed with the long delayed Patlabor: The Next Generation series. Ametuchi and I have been discussing this, and one possibility is that she may turn over the work done so far on upcoming episodes, and I may try to recruit another translator to take over for a while, leaving open the possibility that Ametuchi might be able to help out with translation QC, and possibly even return as lead translator at some point if and when life is less busy. Are there any translators out there who might be interested in helping out with this project for a while? Or is there possibly another group that would be interested in doing it as a joint project?

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