Video Girl Ai 2018 - 11 [SkewedS] [FWVGA] [TV]

2018-08-29 13:26 UTC
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![alt text]( Guess where Ai is We will most likely use the new webrip that DragsterPS posted, especially the 1080p for the final version. Also, until we actually finished scanlating the oneshot manga of the Video Girl Ai 2018, we will release ep12 as a batch. **Softsubbed HD (1440x810) 10-bit - [Mega](!ILZDRILK!WHsI2_1Wd5x8L2ClIqV64JMIfPo0vfuEBczP9GxMu1w) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:cc02824f5dab4cb7a757448b1c3c905d033c2231&dn=Video%20Girl%20Ai%202018%20-%2011%20%5BSkewedS%5D%20%5B810p%5D%20%5BTV%5D& Softsubbed HD (1280x720) 8-bit (from DoA) - [Mega](!5OQlxSxT!toGfwMpG8hTlum7IHpGYf4bm2KdScnE_ydKQ7bnYV4E) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4ad13d1d6cc7818e85c82f28b603a751e647b745&dn=Video%20Girl%20Ai%202018%20-%2011%20%5BSkewedS%5D%20%5BHD%5D%20%5BDoA%5D& Hardsubbed FWVGA (854x480) 8-bit / Stream - [Mega](!5fYBnQIR!_d3S0PQded6zciib3iTZ9B6eCtDZtAQ7mo7YsfbBtfM) | [Magnet](magnet:?xt=urn:btih:54bf8f2680fe758584c077ceeb87133b62ed7976&dn=Video%20Girl%20Ai%202018%20-%2011%20%5BSkewedS%5D%20%5BFWVGA%5D%20%5BTV%5D& Softsub Script - [MediaFire]( | [D-Addicts]( xDelta3 Patch (of the DoA raw with CRC32 [E0EC692D]) - [MediaFire](** If you find our releases useful, kindly consider donating - | |

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Will you guys sun Bungaku Shoujo?

TL-SkewedS (uploader)

@RyzakiT - Let's see. But most likely not since we have to catch up with v1/final versions (Video Girl Ai 2018, Koe Girl, Cheer Dan) along with finishing Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni.
@ JPzRecords honestly ... probably never ... all SkewedS has ever been able to hand out has been excuses and promises that "it's coming" LOL ... 2019 is coming also, and it will probably get here and pass before ep 12 ever comes out ... if it ever does